Frequently Asked Questions

There are some questions we get a lot – so here’s some frequently answered questions!

Did you need help with a specific service?

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 Why isn’t my website getting any traffic or sales?

It’s a big question because the answer is a bit different for every brand.  We are happy to do a quick analysis of your website for you and then send you some suggestions.  Just ask!

Where do I start – it all seems so overwhelming?

Talk to us.  We’ll help you figure it out.  Usually, you’ll need to start with your website to ensure that it’s “Google friendly” – if so, then you need to be sure your content is up to scratch and targeting the right buyers.  SEO and website marketing can seem overwhelming but we can break it down for you and get you on the right path. Our blog is filled with useful info in layman’s terms too!

Will my work be outsourced to India, Philippines or beyond?

Nope.  Not a word. Not a link. Not a line of code.  Our team is based in Brisbane and we use contractors in Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne, the United States and New Zealand.  Your writer will be Australian with extensive experience writing for Australian audiences.

So do we use far flung freelancers at all? One. For Talk About Creative’s own research. We use a great contractor in India to do data mining and SEO experiments for us, but never to do work for our clients.

Will Talk About Creative’s work prevent Google penalties?

We work within Google’s guidelines at the time you engage us. Google has been known to change the rules, even on practices they once actively encouraged so nobody can guarantee you complete safety.  We do guarantee though that we focus on quality content – just what the search engines ordered.

Will Talk About Creative guarantee page one rankings?

Do you know the quickest way to spot a scamming SEO company? Big promises of things that are out of their control.  We promise to deliver you the best results for your budget. We can promise you right now, slot one page one for the keyword “monkey paperclip telephone” but nobody is searching for it and it will never result in a sale.  So, no we don’t – we’d rather focus on sales, ROI and quality.  Check out our blog for information on how to understand SEO Company Packages.

Where is Talk About Creative based?

Talk About Creative is based in Brighton on the north side of Brisbane.  Our postal address is 30 Walton Place Brighton, Queensland, 4017.

Can I come in for a meeting?

Meetings are by appointment only and we generally prefer to meet at a local coffee shop – everything is nicer with coffee! We’re lucky to be in an area where the coffee, and the views are very good!

I’m a reseller – I want white label services?

Visit our White Label Services and FAQs page.

Who owns Talk About Creative?

Dana Flannery and Simon Hayes.  Talk About Creative operates as a partnership and is supported by remote workers based in Australia and New Zealand. Learn more about our team here.