Email Marketing

Here’s a few signs that you’re NOT getting the most from your email marketing:

  • You don’t achieve OUTSTANDING ROI
  • You’re still fighting for every sale
  • You never have time to stay in touch with clients
  • You do email marketing because you read somewhere that you should
  • Your open and click through rates are rotten

You can keep plugging away at it, or you can get some expert help.

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The Truth About Email Marketing and ROI

On average, email marketing achieves 119% ROI (source Marketing Sherpa), making email marketing ROI the highest of any advertising medium.  The reason it’s SO lucrative is it’s reasonably cheap to set up and if done right, keeps returning on your investment time after time.  Talk About Creative, Brisbane delivers strategic, expertly written email marketing campaigns for your business.

OR… you can keep paying a fortune for Yellow Pages and press.  Your call.  Seriously.

Email Marketing Set Up, Integration, and List Building

Need Mailchimp set up and integrated into your marketing strategy? Need an authentic email list kick started? Need highly targeted leads? We’ll help you to create a kickass email marketing strategy and to integrate it into your social platforms and website, and then devise the ideal strategy for populuating your list with highly targeted email addresses. How? A Talk About Creative Digital Strategy that covers all bases, on target and on budget.

OR…you could try radio, everyone listens to the radio, right?

Autoresponder Campaigns for CRM

A strategic Autoresponder campaign can help your business build an ongoing, lucrative relationship with your customer base.  From the moment they opt in, they’re invited into your inner circle, provided key insights and carefully coaxed towards becoming your next customer.

Direct Marketing

We provide design and writing services for direct mail (snail mail), marketing collateral and letterbox drops. Learn more about leaflets and other marketing collateral design and copywriting here.

In an email or in an envelope, Talk About Creative, Brisbane offers direct marketing services focused on results.

If you could do with some of that incredible return on investment, get in touch now.

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