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Traffic, Links and Leads – Content That Attracts Them All!

Your customer has a problem that you can solve.  You see competitors are thriving despite their inferior products and services. What’s missing?

Content marketing.

Content marketing empowers your customers to choose you.

A Talk About Creative content marketing campaign is carefully crafted to drive traffic and sales to your site.  Your Brisbane based content writer will not only overcome objections, brand you as the right choice and create a content funnel that leads to sales, they’ll create a valuable, enjoyable experience for your customers too!

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Our Approach to Content Writing and Marketing

Our sales generating content marketing amplifies your branding message and serves it to your ideal customer in their space.  We’ll work with you to develop a set of KPIs that suit your brand’s needs and marketing activities.

Content marketing customers Identify and understand your customers

We’ll work with you to understand your customer, her habits, her hobbies and how she likes to consume information.  We’ll get to know her.  We’ll come to understand her problems and her barriers to purchasing. It’s what we do best – find out more here.  We’ll understand how she consumes media, we’ll identify her heroes and influencers and research the language she uses.


Develop a content strategy that solves her problemContent marketing strategy

Your content will be specially crafted to illustrate the problem and then offer informative, engaging and valuable solutions.  We’ll develop tactics for attracting, funneling and then converting the customer based on her emotional response to your content.

Content development Develop content to elicit the right response

Content marketing by Brisbane women, for Australian customers.  Talk About Creative is a specialist content marketing firm that “gets” Australians, especially Australian “grocery buying” women.   We’ll bring together a broad selection of media to suit your customer’s tastes – including expertly crafted written content and copy.  We’ll deliver your message in a voice your customers can understand and trust.  Beyond social media, we integrate traditional SEO strategies into your content to ensure maximum exposure to your ideal customer base.


 Amplify your reach and attract your customersAmplify and market your content

Leverage the power of Talk About Creative’s extensive network of Australian online influencers and marketers.  Your Talk About Creative social media and content development team will work together to spread your message on the right channels to the right audience, Australia-wide.

 Grow your relationship with content marketing brisbane

 Capture data and develop your new relationship

Once you’ve got ’em, you need to keep ’em. We’ll help you to develop the right lead capture tactics for your goals. Once captured, your Talk About Creative team can create sales driven email marketing campaigns, remarketing campaigns and social media based advertising remarketing.

Capture and analyse

  Analyse and refine

We can help you work across a selection of KPIs beyond simple sales. Be it email captures, social media community growth, SEO growth or public relations KPIs. We’ll examine, refine and make recommendations for your next content marketing campaign.

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Attract more customers

Amplify your content

Convert more sales

Ask yourself, do you have enough customers?

Yes? Then contact us now about strengthening your brand’s positioning through content marketing.  There’s always another competitor starting up!

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