FAQs About Outsourcing Web Content Writing

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Are you looking to connect with content writers on behalf of your clients? We act as digital partners for a number of leading advertising agencies, web design firms, marketing companies and designers.

Our website content writers will create strategic,”clickworthy” content for your clients so you can get on with managing your core business. Check out our most frequently asked questions about website content writing, content marketing, SEO, branding and social media services.

Where can I find Talk About Creative reseller packages and costs?

The thing we do best for your clients is deliver what they need. This means that we don’t do set and forget packages that include a lot of work that they don’t need! We work with you to create a package “skeleton” for you to resell and then tailor it to each client’s individual needs.

Can TAC work to my client’s budget?

Yes. Our process involves first looking at budget and then deciding how to squeeze the most value into it. If your client has a small budget now, we’ll work to overcome their biggest limitations so they can invest more with you in the future.

How does outsourcing my client’s web writing actually work?

1. You sign the client and determine the budget allocated to content writing and production.
2. You send the client the brief and they return it fully completed.
3. We take the brief and investigate the client’s goals, challenges and opportunities.
4. We make recommendations on the best use of their budget.
5. Once we have a strategy in place, we perform specific keyword research and create the first piece of content.
6. Your client checks it over for voice, brand, technical accuracy and style.
7. Once we’ve “nailed” the client’s needs, we create all content for that month.
8. We send it to you and you send to the client. If there are any changes we finalise them.
9. You upload the content for your client including the meta tags provided.
10. We invoice you. You invoice your client.

Are your SEO and Content Marketing services “white hat”?

Yes. Everything we do is in compliance with Google’s Webmaster Quality Guidelines at the time of content creation. Our focus is, and has always been, quality content writing – not unsustainable and risky black hat tricks.

Are TAC website content writers on top of SEO changes?

Yes, our strategist is an active member of a number of reputable digital marketing groups and forums and constantly conducts content experiments. All website content writers and copywriters are trained in changes to best practice writing as soon as they happen.

Is Talk About Creative equipped to deal with changes in the workload?

Our team is always growing and we have carefully crafted, tried and true systems in place for delivering your content on time – even when it’s busy. We handle overflow work for a number of agencies so you can grow without growing your team.

Who are your website content writers and who will be doing my work?

Check out our team here. We “match” your client’s brand with the copywriter or content writer based on style, voice and product. We have a selection of specialist writers including media, business and academic writers to ensure your clients receive the best possible content for their brand.

What is my mark up on Talk About Creative work?

Whatever you want it to be. We offer resellers a discount on website content writing, copy, social media and other services. We are already reasonably priced in the marketplace so you can add as much as you think our work is worth. We don’t ask, you don’t have to tell.

Will my client know Talk About Creative wrote their web content?

Nope. Not if you don’t want them to. We have no direct contact with your client – all correspondence goes through you. We don’t even need their name! We send you our reseller’s brief. You add your logo to the top and forward it to your clients. We bill you. You bill them. Risk free.

Are you writing for (insert competitor name)?

Unless our digital partners tell us it’s OK, we do not disclose who we write for. You’ll never know if we’re writing for your competitor and they’ll never know we write for you. We’ll sign a nondisclosure agreement for your peace of mind.

If that’s the case, how can I verify the quality of your work?

Simply get in touch. We have a selection of resellers happy to give us discrete references.

Are TAC copy and content writers in-house or outsourced?

We’re a team of Australian content writers, copywriters and digital marketing professionals – except Dani, she’s a kiwi but we’re OK with that! Your work will always be completed by an experienced and highly trained Australian professional.  Our team works both in-house and remotely across Australia.

What’s your policy on corrections and changes for my clients?

Our goal is to delight you and your clients. Your website content writer can offer unlimited changes until your client is completely happy. At your request, we can call your client on behalf of your business and help them to define exactly what they’re trying to achieve with their content marketing plan. This can help eliminate any issues with ‘Chinese Whispers” in the briefing process. When you outsource web copywriting to us, we’ll first write your client’s home or about page so that we can be sure we’ve nailed the voice and style before moving on to complete the website.

Can TAC writers attend client meetings and creative discoveries?

Yes, we can discuss a fee schedule for client meetings and hosted discoveries. We’re based in Brisbane so travel costs must be covered by the agency or design firm.

Can TAC provide other services besides website content and copywriting?

Yes, all TAC services can be “resold”. We also provide in-house and online training to resellers on SEO, Social Media and digital products and sales strategies.

Is the TAC team made up of people that I like?

It’s an important question but one that’s very hard to assess! You’ll like us if:

  • You like “straight talk” without jargon
  • You despise sycophantic sales techniques. We tend to tell it like it is, so you won’t be wined, dined and flattered unfortunately!
  • You hate sales sharks. We don’t “sell like sharks” and that’s one of the reasons we like to work on a partnership basis with resellers – the digital marketing industry can be cut throat, but we’re not interested in buying into deception to close sales, we’re interested in creating great results for customers.
  • You like honesty, authenticity, and a genuine love for digital marketing

If we don’t “gel” it can be very hard to communicate your client’s needs. We need to be on the same wavelength or the client’s results may suffer. Let’s just have a “first date” chat by phone to see if it’s going to work out. If we don’t gel, there’s no hard feelings, your client’s results are what’s most important. We would never do anything to jeopardise that.

As an agent, my brand is all about (this) can you write from that point of view?

We understand that you’ve used your own brand’s positioning and strategy to close the sale with your client. We’re happy to reflect that, use your strategies and your advice to deliver on your promises to your clients. However, we do believe in ethical, white hat advertising, copywriting and website content writing.

Does TAC write content for “bad neighbourhood” websites?

Yes and no. We won’t write content that condones or encourages violence. We have however written the odd “adult” website (some quite odd!) We cannot, in any way be connected to the completed content. If in doubt, just get in touch.

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