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Which writing services do I need?

Copywriting is sales writing designed to directly convert browsers into buyers.  All websites need professional copywriting services.  Our copywriting service includes keyword research and content optimisation which is key to selling your value to search engines too.

 The most common kind of online content writing is blog entries – these are designed to engage, inform or entertain your audience while gently re-enforcing your branding position. Our content writing services also include keyword research and optimisation and our blogs are designed to be an enjoyable, easy read for both customers and search engines.   Our team are able to help you with just about any kind of commercial or academic writing, if you’re not sure, shoot us a quick enquiry.

Why should I choose Talk About Creative’s writing service?

There’s a lot of writers around, good ones, bad ones and dangerous ones.  Yes, a writing service can be dangerous to your business.  The bad ones are called scrapers and spinners.  Yes that’s a real thing.  Scrapers plagiarise multiple competitors’ content and slap it altogether into an article for you.  This leaves you at risk of a duplicate content penalty, and worse, looking a bit shifty.  Spinners take an existing article and “spin out” every third word, replacing it with a synonym.  It works as well as it sounds.  You’ll be throwing your money away.

What qualifications do Talk About Creative writers have?

Check out our team.  Our copywriters are a gifted group of tertiary qualified Australian writers.  In addition to writing and marketing qualifications, all of our writers are trained in the most up to date SEO and digital marketing tactics.   Before a writer even sees your brief, a strategist will research your industry and your keywords.

I’m a reseller, how does it all work?

It’s pretty simple, you add your letterhead and your mark up.  Check out our guide to white label copywriting for more information.

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Why use a copywriter?

Copywriters influence your target market to buy from you and increase the perceived value of your product or service.  You can’t always be there to close the sale, but your website copy can be.  Learn more about copywriting here.

My sister-in-law’s, cousin’s friend is a blogger, why not just use her?

There are a lot of gifted bloggers out there – the issue is that content writing is about marketing your brand.  Using a regular blogger for your business’s content marketing is akin to using a dentist for your pre-natal care. They’re both medical professionals, both very clever but ultimately, the dentist is just going to give you some feel good gas.  Ask your local blogger to do some reviews of your product, play to their strengths and let us run with ours!

What does a copywriter do?

A copywriter takes details about your business and converts it to well written, benefit driven sales copy. A Talk About Creative copywriter also…

  • Finds your benefits. We take features of your business and convert them to well written, benefit driven sales copy. This gives your site a professional feel and makes your product highly desirable.
  • Gives you an edge over competitors. We uncover your unique selling proposition and find all the ways it’s beneficial to customers.
  • Helps you appear in the right searches. We research your niche and offer keyword suggestions to help your site climb search results.
  • Helps you rank better in searches. We add on page and metadata optimisation (see our What is SEO? and On Page SEO sections for more information).
  • Makes more of your pages rank. We develop an internal linking strategy to help search engines find all your pages and to keep indexing them.
  • Saves you money. We offer support with DIY off page SEO to save you money on SEO services.

 How does the copywriting process work?

Depending on what you need but usually:

  1. We send you a content plan to complete and request any relevant reports (for existing websites only).
  2. Once you return the content plan, we assess your needs.
  3. We research the best keywords for your business, location and budget.
  4. We create a home page using your strongest keyword option for your approval.
  5. Once we’ve agreed on tone and message, we write the rest of your site.
  6. We optimise your site’s copy and metadata for keywords, ensuring maximum value from every page.
  7. We create a short “ad” for each page to display as your “description” in Google searches.
  8. You check it all over and send us your feedback.
  9. We edit until you’re 100% happy.
  10. We add an SEO savvy internal linking strategy.
  11. We send it all to a proofreader.
  12. We deliver your site, as a Microsoft Word document, ready to upload.

Are there content writing packages available?

Yes.  But the difference between our packages and the usual SEO or content company packages is that ours is built around you and your needs. We look at your budget and goals and then build a package that best brings the two together.

What style of copywriting is right for my brand?

It depends on who you’re talking to and how you’d like them to perceive your brand.  We determine the “voice” of your copy based on your customer’s needs and feelings at the time of purchase.  Unlike other copywriting firms, we have a broad selection of professional sales copywriters, so your brand will be matched with the best writer for the job.

Which writing services does Talk About Creative provide?

Our SEO copywriters are all professional broadcast and press writers so as your business grows, we can handle all your advertising copy. What do you need?

  • SEO copywriting. Be found, sell more.
  • Business blogs. Build SEO, position your brand, build a community.
  • Guest blogging. Build SEO, build your reputation.
  • Product descriptions. A sales pitch for every product in your eCommerce store.
  • White label writing. Just like you wrote it, only we did.  Perfect for white papers, eBooks, profiles and case studies  This service is also available to resellers.
  • Sales letters. Business to business (B2B) writing including sales information, pamphlets, brochures and flyers.
  • Advertising copywriting. Broadcast and press copywriting.
  • Press release writing. Build SEO, build your reputation, gain media exposure.
  • Professional writing. Speech and presentation writing, on-hold messages, trade show packages, corporate communications.
  • Email marketing. Love it or hate it, it’s the most successful form of advertising….

Does Talk About Creative upload my copy or content?

We can.  For a small fee, we can organise to have your content uploaded and formatted.  Otherwise, you’ll be provided Word documents containing all your copy or content. On page optimisation is marked in the documents, so simply paste into WordPad and then into your website’s content management system (CMS).

What is the turn around time on most writing services?

As a boutique but busy content development agency, we do our very best to accommodate you as quickly as possible, however, keyword research and planning take some time.  A single page may take around a week while a large website can take up to a month – depending on the type of content needed.  Got something a bit tricky?  That’s OK, email us for more details.

Why choose Talk About Creative writing services over a freelance writer?

Talk About Creative takes all the risk out of hiring a freelance SEO copywriter, content writer or social media consultant. Choosing the wrong writer for your website (or advertising) will cost you – more than you may think – and undoing SEO mistakes is at best an expensive exercise, at worst, not possible.

Imagine having your website “dropped” by Google because you chose the wrong freelancer! Talk About Creative focuses on providing the highest quality writing services without the advertising agency fees!

Check out our testimonials if you’d like more information – we’ve got hundreds of delighted clients ready to talk us up a storm!