Product Descriptions

Our product descriptions put your sales rep right there in the e-Commerce dressing room, restaurant or office.  You’ll be right there telling customers that your product is the only choice for them.  Product descriptions are your online sales person, working 24/7 to increase your bottom line.  If you need more sales, you need professionally written sales copy in your online store.

Not selling enough online?  See how strategically written product descriptions can make all the difference.

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Why your current product descriptions are doing you more harm than good

Talk About Creative product description copywriting uncovers new benefits and communicates them to shoppers ready to buy.

Value = Benefits – Costs. Our product descriptions create greater value.

It’s simple, we show your shoppers why you offer better value, so you don’t have to compete on price.  They’re the perfect way to set your products apart and make them the only choice.

Beyond carefully crafted sales copy

Your product descriptions will re-enforce your branding message and create desire in your readers – but each will expertly target high converting keywords.  We’ll broaden your keyword targeting to include qualified, niche shoppers who know exactly what they want, and we’ll show them exactly how to get it.

Professional, search engine optimised product description writing opens up more ways to sell more products.  Do you need more qualified leads and converted sales?

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