Public Relations

Take your news and convert it to a compelling story, and then land it on the right desk.

If you’ve tried looking for an affordable PR Company in Brisbane, you’ve probably struggled.  Public relations services tend to be outside of the small business budget – so we’ve developed a specialist small business PR Company for our Brisbane clients.

How can we help you with small business PR?

Our professional PR copywriter can help you to create a compelling story “hook” so journalists, bloggers and editors grab hold and take the bait!  We’ll create a press release that gets read, you develop a relationship with editors, bloggers and influencers.  Our services include:

  • Story development
  • Press release writing
  • Media and influencer research
  • Blogger outreach
  • Digital press release distribution

Learn more about our press release writing and distribution

Why choose Talk About Creative Brisbane for PR services?

See our results.  That is the difference!  We are not a dedicated PR Company in Brisbane. We take a helicopter view of small business marketing to help you integrate your PR campaign into your marketing strategy.  Our focus is on the best results for your budget and we work in partnership with Brand Meets Blog to ensure you make an impact.

We help you to develop your own contacts and grow your own business. Your business, your contacts.  That’s the difference.  Developing a network of media and social influencers who know your name, your brand and your products delivers you long term benefits – at a fraction of the price of a dedicated PR Company in Brisbane.

Interested?  Talk to us about the possibilities.