Sales Letters and Print Collateral

You have one chance to make a massive first impression – don’t blow it!  Sales letter copywriting makes all the difference.  Get slick, professionally designed and written sales letters, brochures and print collateral for your small business.  Leap out from the crowd and then illustrate why you’re the only solution to their problems.

Sick of being ignored? It’s time to get noticed.

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Sales Letter Copywriting

Need a sales letter or email to introduce yourself or your product? To bypass the gatekeeper? To move forward to the next stage? Sales letter copywriting drives clicks and opens. Whether it’s a “personal touch” email marketing strategy or a mail out to potential retailers, we’ll ensure that your message is clear, memorable and benefit driven.

Choosing Talk About Creative means choosing the right sales letter copywriter.  We’ll help you understand the best approach, the most successful strategy and the the best measurement options for your campaign, and then assign you the very best writer for the job.  Don’t rely on a freelance “one-man-show” when it’s this important.

Catalogue, Flyer & Brochure Writing & Design Services

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes.  What does poor brochure writing and design say to you?  Don’t trust ’em, they’re hacks?  Your print collateral could be doing you more harm than good, costing you new customers and big dollars.

Talk About Creative provides professional print collateral design and writing services that inspire trust, goodwill and most importantly, sales.

Our brochure writing service is the must-have conversion tool – if your potential customers are hesitating, capture their attention and their purchase with an informative, well written brochure that sells.

Invest in your retail brand with a slick, well designed catalogue with snappy, sales-driven descriptions.  Local business?  Fight your way through the letterbox clutter with a “wow factor” flyer – with slick design and a compelling call to action.

Point of Sale, Packaging & Display Design & Copywriting

Don’t let your ideal customer leave empty handed.  Grab their attention and close the deal with professional point of sale, packaging and display design and copy.  Whether she’s in an upmarket Brisbane boutique, a bustling trade show or out for a stroll at a market, we’ll help you grab her by the eyeballs and open up her purse.

Do you know if you’re getting the most from your printed marketing materials?

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