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Blogger Training - Bootcamp in Heels

Blog Bootcamp – Blogger Training for Small to Medium Blogs

Blogger Bootcamp is the intensive four-week blogger training course that teaches you the hands-on skills you need to go pro.  From media kit, to tactics, to analytics reports, it’s understanding what you can offer to business and how to deliver it – for real monetisation opportunities.

Is this training right for you and your blog?

  • Next Level Tactics. You’ve got yourself a blog and you’re ready to grow it, monetise it and grow …  it’s time to go pro.
  • Pro-Relationship Building. It’s not about finding your voice; it’s about finding your clients.
  • Pro-Negotiation. It’s not about feeling inspired; it’s about feeling confident charging for your service.
  • Pro-Delivery. You are a pro at engaging your readers, but it’s time to deliver successful campaigns to clients – from planning to reporting.
  • 100% SMB Focussed Training.   It’s all about small to medium blog challenges. Digital marketing training for SMbloggers, not businesses with blogs, not celebrity bloggers.  It’s the bootcamp designed to overcome YOUR challenges.

Got a quesTalk About Creative Copywriter brisbane Talk to Ustion about our Blogging Bootcamp?  Shoot us a message – we’re here to help!

Online group training with live support

  • 100% focussed on practical, hands-on skills
  • Created and coached by an experienced blogger and digital marketer
  • Managed on Facebook, in a private group, to make it easier to fit your bootcamp sessions into your day
  • Resources and references provided, along with responsive support for your tricky blogging problems – no question is silly!
  • Connect to other bootcamp bloggers, businesses and blog industry professionals

What does blogger training cover?

  • Get the RIGHT monetisation strategy for your blog
  • Understand how to get paid with confidence
  • Write a media kit that sells your blog
  • Learn how to ‘shop yourself’ to business
  • Build campaigns that get kickarse results
  • Master Google Analytics for blogging
  • Get the lowdown on what business wants
  • Learn how to deliver, without compromising your blog’s integrity

Blog training - bootcamp sign up

$399-Whooooaaaaa, too steep! Want it FREE?

For selected bloggers only, share your progress on your blog, and we’ll admit you to Blogger Bootcamp 100% free!   Are you a 2015 Problogger attendee or will you attend our Brisbane Blogger Meet-Up?  If so, blog your progress and you’re in FREE.  If not, talk to us about your blog, there might still be a free place for you.

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