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CoronaVirus Update – We Are Open

CoronaVirus Update

Talk About Creative is currently open during the COVID-19 Pandemic This page will be updated regularly throughout the coronavirus crisis, should any of the frequently asked questions below change.  At this stage, Talk About Creative is open for digital marketing and SEO activity during the Coronavirus shutdowns. Is the Talk About Creative team working? Yes.  …
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Optimise Your Yelp Account – Get In Front Of 9.7 Million iPhone Users in Australia

Yelp Optimisation

With local search becoming hot property in SEO circles, you want to get noticed by large domains with good authority so they can direct traffic to your business. Yelp is one of these sites and by improving your Yelp optimisation, you can get more visitors to your website, increase leads, and drive sales. Yelp was …
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11 Australian Mummy Bloggers To Watch

Mummy bloggers to watch

11 Aussie Mummy Bloggers You Should Reach Out To In Your Online Marketing Strategy in 2018. By Eva Lewis, Professional Blogger   The Mummy Blogger phenomenon is far from slowing down and these 10 Australian Mummy bloggers are ones you should really be reaching out to as part of your online marketing strategy. They are …
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Website Planning – What’s Involved in Building a Website?

Website Planning - What is the process involved in building a website?

This is a contribution by Belinda Irvine.  Belinda is a Digital Project Manager, focused on website planning to deliver sites with strategic SEO and Conversion capabilities. You need a website.  Now what? You’ve had a great idea for a business.  Done some market research. Developed a business plan (even if it’s only in your head). And …
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Google Live Posts – How Small Business Can Harness Their Power

Google Live PHotos Sharing

Google My Business has rolled out “Live Posts” for Australian small business.  We’ve all dabbled in Facebook lives, but this isn’t about video.  Live posts are image and call to action style posts that are created by a Google My Business user to alert customers of your current offers or events.  You can set them …
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Service Business Pricing – The Struggle Is Real

Woman determining pricing for her service business

Ask anyone in an Australian service based business, the pricing struggle is real.  Putting a price on your time and expertise, that is right for the marketplace and right for your mortgage is the biggest struggle for most service based businesses in Australia.  How do you put a price on your experience in a marketplace …
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So your Facebook Post Went Viral… Now What?

So you're post has gone viral - now what?

Imagine you wake up and that cute little video you posted on your business page has suddenly had over 3000 clicks and 800 post reactions. Your little page has swelled by 400 likes and your organic reach is 62,000.  Most of all, since your Facebook post went viral, you’ve sold out of your hottest product. …
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SEO FAQs – Get Started on Small Business SEO

SEO and social media consultants

SEO FAQs – Where To Begin SEO is confusing, particularly for beginners, so knowing what is SEO and where to begin is all about learning the basics.  This is our SEO FAQs guide built from 8 years of answering client questions! Start with an SEO friendly website, learn keyword research and the importance of keyword …
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Retailers: Bring Afterpay Into Your Digital Strategy – It Rocks!

Afterpay Logo - Afterpay and digital strategy

Afterpay.  It’s the miracle retailers big and small have been waiting for.  The sudden skyrocketing sales. The sound of buyer objections crumbling like Pompeii on a very bad day.  This is it.  Turns out all the social media strategy and SEO in the world couldn’t help you on this level. All this time, it was …
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Why Your Facebook Group Marketing Strategy is a Pile of Poop!

Facebook Group Marketing - How Not To Be Crap

Using Facebook Groups to build your business is super effective. Everyone knows it’s the best way to connect with new customers on Facebook. So you’ve joined “all the groups” and you’re ready to start harvesting new leads and getting your new enterprise’s name out there. So what do you post?  If you’re new to Facebook …
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