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Project “Save 4017 Restaurants”

Restaurant Marketing

Hello Local Foodies! We are Dana, Susannah and Taylor – the team at Talk About Creative in Brighton.  We live and work locally and run a local page that promotes shopping from small business in the area – as well as the 4017 lifestyle. Find It 4017 has a very, very engaged audience.  We recently …
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CoronaVirus Update – We Are Open

CoronaVirus Update

Talk About Creative is currently open during the COVID-19 Pandemic This page will be updated regularly throughout the coronavirus crisis, should any of the frequently asked questions below change.  At this stage, Talk About Creative is open for digital marketing and SEO activity during the Coronavirus shutdowns. Is the Talk About Creative team working? Yes.  …
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Case Study – Mummy Blogger Outreach For Rank Results

Mummy Blogger Outreach - Case Study

Talk About Creative in partnership with our sister outreach agency Brand Meets Blog conducted a recent study on “mummy blogger outreach” and its impact on search engine results. This is a follow up study to one published in 2014 on the Brand Meets Blog website. The findings are documented below however the brand’s name has been …
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Optimise Your Yelp Account – Get In Front Of 9.7 Million iPhone Users in Australia

Yelp Optimisation

With local search becoming hot property in SEO circles, you want to get noticed by large domains with good authority so they can direct traffic to your business. Yelp is one of these sites and by improving your Yelp optimisation, you can get more visitors to your website, increase leads, and drive sales. Yelp was …
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CMS, HTML, CSS, PHP, JS…. WTF? Know the language of user love!

cartoon computer showing web language acronyms

HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) – The structure of the website.  Content and core elements of a website are placed in the right spot using HTML. Hand coded, static HTML sites (ones that do not use a CMS like Wordpress) code the content into the site.  So it’s there and cannot be changed without the help of an HTML coder.  …
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Nuffnang: Blogger Outreach Agency Enters Voluntary Liquidation

Using your business blog to network

It’s been a terrible couple of years for the blogger outreach industry in Australia.  In October 2016, The Remarkables Agency announced a “pivot” away from their model of influencer outreach, ending their ‘reign” over the local industry.  Now, to the dismay of thousands of Australian bloggers left out of pocket, Nuffnang Australia has entered voluntary …
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What SEOs Say About Yoast – And Why You Should Use Yoast SEO With Caution

Yoast SEO - What working SEOs say about Yoast

“I use Yoast for SEO.  It says my SEO is perfect.” Watch your SEO squirm in their chair.  They’re trying to find a polite way to tell you that Yoast isn’t actually SEO.  So what do work SEOs say about Yoast?  In a recent discussion in a White Hat SEO Forum working SEOs discussed the …
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11 Australian Mummy Bloggers To Watch

Mummy bloggers to watch

11 Aussie Mummy Bloggers You Should Reach Out To In Your Online Marketing Strategy in 2018. By Eva Lewis, Professional Blogger   The Mummy Blogger phenomenon is far from slowing down and these 10 Australian Mummy bloggers are ones you should really be reaching out to as part of your online marketing strategy. They are …
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We’re Hiring!

TAC Digital is a Digital Marketing Agency In Brisbane

Permanent Part-Timer Required Digital Marketing Administrator required for a BUSY digital marketing agency in Brighton (north Brisbane). Seeking a 1st – 2nd year university student, studying marketing, comms, creative industries or IT to be trained extensively in digital marketing. MUST BE: A quick learner with tons of natural curiosity and an interest in learning the …
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How much traffic will I get for a keyword with 880 monthly search?

For bloggers and commercial sites driving traffic into the very top of their funnel, the volume of traffic that will come from a keyword ranking is a most important factor.  Leah from Kid Bucket List asked the question:  How much traffic will I get for a keyword with 880 monthly search?  So I thought I’d …
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