About Your Social Media Services

social media management brisbane faqsSocial Media Marketing FAQs

 What social media services do I need?

Using social media for business means utilising various social media websites to build an online community of potential buyers and brand ambassadors. Rather than delivering a sales message, it’s about building a referral network and interacting with potential customers in a friendly and inviting way.

Which social media sites do we cover?

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+,  Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube. We also do content creation for business blogs. Not all of these will be right for your brand, and not all are used in the same way. We’ll help you to understand which social media channels are right for your business.

What social media services are available to me?

  • Social media management.  We’ll curate content and manage your page for optimum engagement and reach.
  • Social networking.  We’ll use social platforms to reach out to complimentary businesses, social influencers and partners to grow your presence and sales through referrals.
  • Social PR. We’ll reach out to bloggers and influencers on your behalf to get your products seen by more of the right target market.
  • Cross promotion.  We’ll help you tap into an existing audience to quickly grow your reach and influence.
  • Advertising.  We’ll develop custom and lookalike audiences to get you better ROI on Facebook advertisements.  We can also deliver retargeting advertising on Facebook via tracking pixels on your website.
  • Social media optimisation (SMO).  We’ll help you to create social stories across a number of platforms including Twitter Cards, Rich Pins and Facebook OpenGraph markup.

What is the difference between social networking and social media marketing?

Social media is any “channel” by which your audience can interact (be social) and social networking is building contacts through this interaction. Social media marketing is creating a place for potential customers to engage with your brand. All together, it’s a brilliant way to build your business profile online and attract new markets.

What is the Talk About Creative approach to social media strategy?

Like everything we do, our focus is on delivering valuable content to your potential market.  We work with you to determine your KPIs and then put a strategy in place that delivers email sign ups, click through, social based sales and a growing vibrant community.

How often will my business page/account be updated?

As often as necessary! We source/create useful, engaging content for your community. We encourage their comments and interactions and deliver prompt responses. We ensure your page will be lively and engaging.

What guarantee does Talk About Creative offer?

Like a traditional branding campaign on radio or in the press, social media marketing generally delivers sales indirectly (and through network referrals) – which can make ROI difficult to monitor. To ensure your social media campaign stays on track, we set growth benchmarks (KPIs) for your page and work with you to achieve them.

Who will be my manage my social pages?

The Talk About Creative team of skilled online marketers will work together on your social media management. We’ll develop the right strategy for your business and then assign the right online community manager, copywriters and designers to grow your presence.

How is Talk About Creative social media content delivered?

We’ll work with you to determine what you’d like to achieve and then develop content around your goals.  You’ll receive a monthly package of content that you can approve or edit prior to posting.  Depending on your social media service, we’ll then use that content to network your brand and engage your audience.  As it’s you that we’re branding, we ask for you to contribute content, images, ideas and a ‘personal touch”  too.  We know you’re very busy, so we can help you to make this task simple and fast.

How do I get sales leads for my business?

All business specific questions/sales leads will be sent to you or a member of your staff promptly. You also have the option of tracking click through from your social activity via Google Analytics.  For a fee, we can help you establish goals, eCommerce tracking and eventually your Attribution Modelling to understand the value of your social spend.

Dang, my question isn’t here!

What a spot of bother.  Get in touch with Talk About Creative. We’re happy to answer your questions, even if you’re not a client! You can also check out our blog for a lot more info!