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White Label SEO Services brisbaneWhite Label Services FAQs

We offer a variety of white label services to agencies, marketing firms, SEO strategists and design firms.  Below you’ll find some of our most frequently asked white label service questions. To learn more about specific content writer services, click here.

 How much mark-up can I add?

Talk About Creative provides affordable digital marketing and copywriting services.  For you, we discount by a further 20%.  For full websites, that represents substantial profits for your business, not to mention delighted customers!

Is it just white label SEO and Digital Marketing?

No, we provide a host of white label services to our clients.  We provide a full selection of content marketing and SEO services but also marketing, PR, branding, writing, advertising and Adwords management services.

White label services in Brisbane, Sunshine and Gold Coasts

In addition to supplying your white label SEO, content or marketing services, clients in Brisbane, Sunshine or Gold Coast can request an account manager attend client meetings.  We also provide in-house SEO and Social Media Marketing training to clients in Brisbane, Sunshine and Gold Coasts.

I’m not in Brisbane but need you at a client meeting!

Team members are able to travel to client meetings within Australia with reasonable notice.  Note that you will be required to pay all costs associated with the visit.

I am in Brisbane and need a content producer to work in-house on a project

Subject to availability, a team member may be available to complete short work projects in-house.  These usually include projects with tight deadlines or training consultation for an existing marketing department.

I know nothing about SEO, will you help?

Yes.  Just because you design beautiful websites or work as a virtual assistant, doesn’t make you an SEO expert (although your client may disagree!).  You’ll need to ascertain your client’s budget and provide us with their website address.  We’ll provide you with recommendations and if need be, talk you through the whole process by telephone.

I know what I need, can I just brief you?

Within reason, yes.  We are happy to follow your instructions on your campaign however you will be responsible for your own KPIs and ROI.

Does my own business get the reseller discount?

Yes. Once we’ve worked with your clients, any work we do on your brand will be charged at the reseller rate.

Will my competitors know I use Talk About Creative white label services?

No.  Not unless you tell them.  Non-disclosure agreements are available on request and we’re happy to work under a confidentiality agreement provided by you.  Similarly, you will not know who else we’re working with.  We do however avoid direct conflicts of client interest.

Will I need to sign a contract for ongoing services?

No.  We work project by project.  You simply have your clients complete our brief (you can swap out your logo) and we’ll complete that job.  We will however require a 50% deposit upfront.

What if my client is not happy?

We’ll work with your client to ensure they’re delighted.  We want to work with you as much as you want to work with them, so it makes sense that we all work together.  Our relationship however is with you, so ultimately, you will be responsible for client management.  This includes payments.

How will my account be managed?

You’ll work with your own account manager based in Brisbane. She’ll be in charge of delivering your work and assisting you with questions.  You’ll have no direct contact with your content producers or social media manager except by mutual agreement.