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technical FAQs Uploading Content FAQs

Does Talk About Creative offer a content upload service?

Yes. For a small additional fee we can organise to have your content uploaded.  We do however provide all content with HTML mark up on the page – so you can easily do it yourself!

I use a web template – can I still optimise my content?

It depends on the template. In our opinion, WordPress is the best free platform for SEO purposes. WordPress and other web templates can be brilliant or they can be detrimental. To add page titles to a web template, you may need to dig around and experiment, or it may just mirror your H1 tag. Ideally, you want to be able to specify both. To add a header tag (<h1>, etc.) simply highlight the text you wish to change and click Header 1 in the Style Sheet box. Be sure to host your WordPress or Blogger site yourself; don’t get hosted on their domain or you’re just working hard to make WordPress and Google more popular (they don’t need your help!).

 What on page SEO factors should I look for in a WordPress template?

Avoid any WordPress template that has these issues:

  • Will not allow you to add unique page titles and header tags
  • Does not allow you to have content on the home page (just blog links)
  • Has malicious code or links to “bad neighbourhoods” (always buy from a reputable site)
  • Has a lot of built in links to the designer’s site
  • Has too much code – look for one with simple back end code
  • Has an unworkable style sheet (H2s are too big, H3s and H4s are not styled, etc.)
  • Does not allow for static pages, only blog entries
  • Does not allow code to be pasted close to the head on the home page (this makes adding Analytics and Webmaster Tools tracking code very frustrating)

Not sure? That’s OK, talk to us, we’ll help.

Does Talk About Creative offer content management services?

Yes. As part of a monthly package, we are able to create, upload and market content on your behalf, including posting to your social platforms.

 Does Talk About Creative do websites and hosting?

Yes, we have three different levels of web development available, from a starter site through to an sales powerhouse!  Unlike web development companies, we’re focused on building your website around your content, for the best possible results.

Should I create a new page for my new copy or add it to an existing one?

If we’ve rewritten or optimised an existing page on your website, you should delete the old content and add the new.  If we’ve written new, original copy on a new topic for you, you should create a new page. Our copy will contain all the on page SEO factors you need. Creating new pages is good for your SEO too!

 What is anchor text?

Anchor text is a link using a keyword. If you’re using a WYSIWYG CMS (where you don’t need to know how to write HTML) you can simply highlight a phrase, click the link button and add the destination – this turns the phrase into anchor text.  We create places in your copy to add these links for SEO purposes.

What has anchor text got to do with content optimisation?

Anchor Text essentially “anchors”  keywords to certain pages. When we write content for you, each page targets specific keywords.  By linking to those pages via this text, you’re helping search engines to understand how to rank your site.  We don’t do too much though, as over-optimisation is considered spammy by search engines.

How long should a page title be?

Ideally, your page title should have fewer than 65 characters.

Where should my keyword go in the page title?

Your page title appears in the “title box”  at the top of your content. There is a unique title and description for every page.  These should be pasted into your CMS where it says Meta Title or SEO Title.

How many keywords can I target with my website?

This depends on a lot of factors! How well built is your site? How powerful is your site? How old is your site? How well does Google like your site? How competitive are the keywords? How competitive is your niche? We include keyword research in your  SEO copywriting fee.

Where will I climb to in search results and when will I get there?

Be patient. Good, sustainable SEO takes time. Nobody can say for sure where you will go in SERPs (search engine results pages), but we can take an educated guess… There are a lot of factors that influence this, so be patient.

My question isn’t here!

Bummer dude! Contact Talk About Creative and we’ll just talk you through it!

Content optimisation will make a big difference to your website’s performance and is key to the success of your Adwords campaigns too.  Get it right. Talk to us if you have any questions at all.