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What Makes Good Quality Content (And How To Avoid Cowboys)

Quality Content Writers can make a massive difference to your business

Content writers – they’re everywhere right?  Everyone who ever did an arts degree is now calling themselves Australian content writers.  So what makes quality content writers as opposed to the wannabes?

A quality content writer attracts audiences with unique, informative, engaging writing that also satisfies search engine best practices.  

Great  website writing isn’t about over-optimising for search engines and it’s not about writing a “school style” essay on a topic, it’s about having the right style and knowledge to attract and retain web users.

The purpose of well written web writing

Content isn’t just there to fill a blog.  The purpose of any piece of content, be it a written article or a quirky social media game, is to get the audience to take an action.  The action could be as simple as “reading another article” or it could be about signing up to a mailing list or making a purchase.  The purpose of an individual piece of content depends on:

  • The category of the website (content server, eCommerce, service site etc)
  • The buyer persona (how they like to engage with information)
  • User intention (what is their need when clicking through to this content)
  • They buying cycle (what stage of purchase are they at and what do they need to move forward?)
  • The industry (how competitive is the niche and what information is missing)
  • The brand (what are the needs of the brand and how can content satisfy those)
  • The SEO strategy (where is the site lacking in terms of SEO profile)
  • Amplification methods (will the content be used to drive social or email clicks?)
  • Funneling  (does the content need to overcome an objection to drive the reader forward through a sales funnel?)
  • Conversion tactics (is the product a hard or soft sell?  What style of writing is needed?)

Hiring quality content writers in Australia

There are a dozen good reasons to stick to a local content writer (find out what they are here) but how do you find an amazing Aussie content writer?  Like most business decisions, it’s about results. An established content writer will have a folder that details all their amazing content driven SEO results.  A long history of these will not only show you what you can expect from their work but also that they’ve stayed on top of changes to SEO over the years. This is vital. An “out of date” content writer could land you with a penalty.

Has the content help increase sales?

quality content for SEO purposes

Has the content help increase traffic?

content to increase traffic

Is the content relevant to the audience and therefore attract readers?

Pieces of content growing readership

Getting the readers will in turn help get more clicks direct from search results.  Good quality content throws search engines a number of signals that help with the long term ranking potential of that page.  Poor quality content does not.

What’s not great evidence of good content

Yes, it’s nifty to get some word documents with articles, this will show you their style and grasp on grammar, but 1000 words with no strategy behind them is wasted writing.  Ask to see their work on a website. Read the work live on the site and see if you feel compelled to take the next step in the buying process.  Google the topic, does their content appear in search results?  If not, it’s time to ask the content writer some hard questions!

How much does good quality content cost?

Not a Fiverr!  Australian content writing rates vary based on the writer and the topic.  Some of the best content writers in Australia charge thousands per page – and if it converts to thousands in sales, then it’s a good investment!  Most will charge hundreds per article – how many hundreds depends on the writer.  Good quality content is an investment that has very real returns in terms of sales and traffic.  Hiring a quality content writer in Australia is very simple – talk to us, we’re very good!