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Licence Vs License – One Minute Grammar Lessons

Licence vs License - quick grammar lessons

Licence Vs License

Licence Vs License is another example of homonyms that confuse writers.  Licence verses License is next in our one minute grammar lesson series.  Below you’ll find helpful hints and tips for using and remembering this grammar gremlin!

Licence is a noun. It is the formal approval from a particular body to be allowed to perform an activity, such as a driver’s licence or fishing licence. It is a permit that gives permission.

License is a verb, the action of holding a licence.

When to use Licence or License

‘I have always wanted to get a forklift licence.’

Bernie holds the grog licence for the pub.

She is licensed to fish for abalone and usually catches a few each day.

How to remember the grammar

The -ce suffix determines the noun, the -se suffix is the verb.

“My driver’s licence is a card… but I’m licensed for speed”

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