Websites for Small Business


Not happy with your small business website? Talk About Creative, in partnership with three web development and design firms, offer affordable SEO friendly websites for small businesses.  We make building your new website simpler and stress-free.  If you’ve built a website before, does this sound familiar?

Top complaints we hear about other web design firms:

  • You weren’t sure how to answer questions from your web designer
  • You aren’t sure if your website is just stylish or if it’s really working for you
  • Your designer charges a lot to make little changes
  • You aren’t sure if you were “ripped off” by your web design company
  • You are tired of waiting for edits
  • It looks pretty but it’s hard to use and search engines won’t rank it
  • You’ve made costly mistakes because you had nobody to ask for advice
  • You got caught in “newbie” traps that ended up in big, unexpected bills
  • The whole process was a hassle and you are dreading going through it again

If that sounds familiar, click “YES” and we’ll make life easier for you!

WEb Design for Small Business

You can afford a powerful small business website

Beautiful web design is more than just stunning hero shots and on-brand colours.  We’ve personally tested our web design partners for beautiful design, and we don’t just mean the pictures.  Our web developers and designers deliver superior SEO performance, better conversion tactics and simple navigation.  Our web development partners work to your budget and time.

Want a better experience and great results?

You’ll have a smoother, simpler, better experience and get superior results! We work with your web designer to get the result that you want.  We can explain the tricky questions and help you make the best choices for your business.  Your account manager is on hand to help.  We provide a list of fees and charges upfront and allow you to pay in stages (we know a website is a big investment for a small business) and we keep your costs down.  We bundle your web copywriting and content into the package – so it’s all uploaded and optimised, ready to rank.

Your Choice of Web Designers

Nicole Hocking – Affordable Small Business Web Design

Nicole is principle designer at LBM Designs.  A specialist WordPress based web design firm delivering affordable, beautiful websites to small business.  Nicole’s design style is versatile but her pretty, feminine and very “on-trend” websites get the most acclaim.  Wordpress is a simple to use, highly acclaimed SEO friendly content management system.  It’s packed with optional features (plug ins) which makes growing your website simple.

Kirstan Leane – Hand Coded Bespoke Web Design

Kirstan is principle designer at KDesign – a boutique web design company specialising in hand coded, slick SEO friendly web design.  KDesign’s own CMS is user friendly and your website will be a lean, mean ranking machine!  Kirstan also specialises in BigCommerce online store set up and optimisation.

Karl Thew – Feature Packed for Businesses that Need More

Karl Thew heads a team of web designers, developers and specialist coders at Static Shift.  Karl’s websites are specially developed for SEO conscious brands and he offers a broad range of bespoke coding services.

Got a web designer already?

We can work with your web designer to ensure their work is ready for optimised content.  We’ll guide you on decisions around content upload and help you get the most from your existing relationship.  Web design for small business doesn’t have to be about compromise, get yourself a powerhouse website on budget, hassle free!