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How to Improve Your Writing… Explained in Game Of Thrones Pictures

Improve your writing, illustrated with Game of Thrones quotes

Your readers may be instantly disliking you and your brand. They may not know why – you may not know why.  It all comes down to the tone and clarity in your writing.  Improve your writing and you’ll improve your rapport with readers … here are some quick tips, illustrated with quotes from Game Of …
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Licence Vs License – One Minute Grammar Lessons

Licence vs License - quick grammar lessons

Licence Vs License Licence Vs License is another example of homonyms that confuse writers.  Licence verses License is next in our one minute grammar lesson series.  Below you’ll find helpful hints and tips for using and remembering this grammar gremlin! Licence is a noun. It is the formal approval from a particular body to be …
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Practice Vs Practise – One Minute Grammar Lessons

Practice Vs Practise Grammar

Practice Vs Practise Here’s another one minute guide to improving your grammar. Practice Vs Practise is a very common grammar question – so we’ve put together a one minute guide to understanding and remembering when to use each word. Practice is a noun. Practice is the word we use to describe the repetition of an activity …
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Passive Voice Vs Active Voice

Grammar Tips passive voice

Toni’s Notes is a compilation of grammar tips usually written written by professional proofreader and editor, Antonia Medhurst. This particular Toni’s Note is written by Dana Flannery who is here to defend Passive Voice! Speaking up for Passive Voice This week we had a reason to open up the Passive Voice Vs Active Voice debate …
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