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Spammer Gets Schooled By Copywriting Group

This thread is now diamonds

There’s nothing worse than a spammer in a group – usually they’re just deleted and banned but check out how this group of copywriters chose to “school” their spammer!  It all started with an Incredulous Wonka meme and a hard sell pitch…..   Our spammer takes a hint and decides to edit his initial post …
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The Definitive Checklist for Choosing a Digital Agency Partner

Digital Partner Agencies

What to look for in a digital agency partner (illustrated with naff stock photos!) If you’re a traditional media or marketing agency looking to partner with a digital provider, you may lack the digital knowledge to evaluate their effectiveness. It’s a digital jungle out there and there and there are a lot of snakes! Choosing a …
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5 Web Design Fails for On Page Optimisation

On page Optimisation Fails for Web Design

So you do terrific web design. Your websites are beautiful and immersive and exciting – they grab your clients by the eye balls and delight them. But what about Search Engines? Do you suffer from “designer disease”? Web design for on page optimisation is about cleverly and creatively making room for all those on-page SEO …
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Industry Rates for Freelance Web Content Writers and Freelance Copywriters

freelance writer in brisbane

Freelance Writer Rates – What’s the Real Cost of a Freelance Writer or Copywriter? The industry rates for freelance web content writers and freelance copywriters vary widely depending on what you’re after and where you find them. Using a freelance writer found on a freelancing website may seem like a good, affordable idea but you …
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Hiring a Freelance Writer in Australia – Pay Rates, Quality and ROI

Hire a freelance writer in Brisbane

Freelance Writer Fees, Quality and ROI So you’re thinking of hiring a freelance writer or copywriter?  There are a few things you should know about freelance writer fees in Australia – and it comes down to investment and ROI verses a total waste of money.  So, worth reading on! Content marketing – SEO that is …
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Product Description Writing that Sells

Product Description Writing that tells the buyer that you have the only choice!

Question:  How do I write a Product Description that Sells? Answer: It’s all about the buyer!  A product description shouldn’t just tell your readers what the product is – it should help them to decide to buy it.  There are a few key factors to consider when writing a product description for your website.  Here …
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