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Six Million in Grants for Queensland Small Business

Small Business Grants

The State Government has announced $6 million in grants for Queensland small business to increase their digital presence.  The money will be used to help business to get educated on digital marketing and make their mark in search results and on social media.  A whopping 55% of Queensland small businesses are not yet online and many that …
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Home Based Business Grants – Key Information

$5K for Queensland Start Ups - Queensland Government Start Up Grant

The Queensland Government has launched  Home Based Business Grants targeting stay at home parents who’d like to set up a small, work at home business.  The grant will help parents with an existing small business or blog, and those with big ideas for a start up.  Ready to claim your grant already?  Get started in …
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Industry Rates for Freelance Web Content Writers and Freelance Copywriters

freelance writer in brisbane

Freelance Writer Rates – What’s the Real Cost of a Freelance Writer or Copywriter? The industry rates for freelance web content writers and freelance copywriters vary widely depending on what you’re after and where you find them. Using a freelance writer found on a freelancing website may seem like a good, affordable idea but you …
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Copywriter Training in Brisbane

Copywriting Training in Brisbane

Looking for a copywriter in Brisbane?  Click here. Looking for in-house training in Brisbane or South East Queensland?  Click here. Copywriting Training Options A copywriter is a person who writes for commercial purposes. Copywriters write advertisements, website text, sales brochures, email marketing and the like.  Traditionally copywriters were “Ad Men” but these days there are …
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Hiring a Freelance Writer in Australia – Pay Rates, Quality and ROI

Hire a freelance writer in Brisbane

Freelance Writer Fees, Quality and ROI So you’re thinking of hiring a freelance writer or copywriter?  There are a few things you should know about freelance writer fees in Australia – and it comes down to investment and ROI verses a total waste of money.  So, worth reading on! Content marketing – SEO that is …
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Australian SEO

Australian SEO

Australian SEO – What You Need to Know Australian SEO, like most things here in Australia is impacted by our vast space and relatively small population. Most of the top SEO companies are based in the United States so statistics, reports and white papers on SEO usually refer to American stats. So what does that …
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Content Marketing Brisbane

Content Marketing - the buzz word explained

Content Marketing – Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzz word of 2016 Content Marketing is what we do in fact, we were doing content marketing in Brisbane before anyone else.  It’s similar to traditional SEO backlinking except that it’s the exact opposite. If both were cars, Content Marketing would be the Rolls Royce and SEO, the 1987 Datsun with a …
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