Social Networking Services

So, you’ve checked out a few social media services in Brisbane and you’re still not sure what makes successful social media management?  Social media management that doesn’t include social networking services will keep you paying month after month for small returns.

Social Networking Services by Talk About Creative Brisbane

The most underutilised element of social media marketing is social networking services.  Talk About Creative does social networking better because we have an extensive network of friendly, on brand friends for you to work with.  Why pump out content for months only to get mediocre results when you can tap an existing market, harvest the most convertible leads and then focus on making them happy?  When you choose Talk About Creative social media services, you’re choosing to become part of a vast network of influencers, bloggers and businesses that thrive on social networking.

Become part of it and fast track your success.

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Influencer Outreach

Find the bloggers and social media influencers who are buying, recommending and loving your products – and then watch as they spread online word of mouth.  We specialise in niche and small business blogger and influencer outreach, so we can get your brand buzzing on budget.

Tapping the “grocery buying” mum market

They’re the holy grail of marketing – 25-54 year old women with 1.5 – 2 incomes and kids in the home.  They research purchases, make the purchase decision and love to splurge on their family.  When they’re at work, they’re with you at every level. They’re the gatekeepers on reception – they are in admin, filtering procurement options upwards and they sit in the big offices making the decisions.

Reaching them is our specialty. 

They’re social media’s biggest fans and we’re in touch with them, tens of thousands of them, every single day.  We’d like to introduce you to them!  Through targeted cross promotions with like-minded online marketers, we’ll help you capture the imaginations of Aussie mums, and convert them into passionate buyers.

Our Social Networking Services

Let’s work together to find the right people to help you to market your brand.  Your social media manager will find like-minded pages and profiles and begin engaging on your behalf.  We’ll reach out to bloggers keen to review your products and share your brand. We’ll gently build a relationship that converts to exposure for your brand and “real world’ networking opportunities.  Our comprehensive social media services are sales focused – so you see better ROI.

Are our social networking services right for your brand?  Do you want to target cashed up mums?  Do you need faster results?

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