Social Media Strategy

Our social media strategy draws together clickworthy content, engaging social copy and careful analytics.  Sounds like every other digital marketing company right?  What we do differently is what makes all the difference….

The one thing that makes your social media strategy work harder

We grew up on Facebook.  When our brand was just a babe, it grew up (too fast) on social media.  We’ve already connected with your audience.  We understand them.  We understand how they like their social media delivered. We know them well, let us introduce you to them.   When you choose Talk About Creative for a social strategy, you’ll have instant access to one of Australia’s leading social media strategists, a team of digital marketers and a network of savvy social businesses with audiences to share.

About your social media strategy

We don’t mass produce social media strategies, we carefully craft results-driven tactics to meet your needs, your industry’s challenges, your buyers and their buying stages.   We understand that the challenges of a B2B business are broad and very different to a retail business.  That a pretty product in a crowded marketplace needs different tactics to a technical service.  Tap into our vast knowledge of the social landscape and see the difference in results.

Don’t worry, we can prove it!

How do you like your proof? Find plenty of it here.  See our broad and challenging selection of clients, read testimonials about our work and check out our case studies.

Online Marketing by Talk About Creative Brisbane

Online Marketing Case Studies

Testimonials: Digital Marketing and Copywriting Brisbane

If you’re ready to take a more strategic approach to online marketing, talk to us (a real, Aussie strategist) about your social media strategy now.  We’ll call you within 24 hours for a free confidential consultation.


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