Local Marketing Case Study

Local Marketing Case Study

Local Marketing Case Study:  Bella U Personal Training

Bella U is a “women’s only” personal training service based in Shorncliffe on Brisbane’s northside. The principle trainer approached us to help build up awareness and interest in the brand with the objective of filling empty places with two personal trainers.  We created local marketing that bypassed their VERY REAL challenge – no website!

Case Study Objectives:

1. To mature the branding already established
2. To improve visual marketing
3. To overcome website challenges by focusing on Facebook activity
4. To grow awareness of client
5. To deliver highly qualified leads
6. To increase mailing list sign ups


  • 20% increase in Facebook reach
  • 20% increase in lead generation
  • 50% increase in mailing list sign ups
  • Increase in brand awareness


Bella U Personal Training operates in one of Brisbane’s most popular health and fitness locations – the Sandgate/Shoncliffe Foreshore. This geographical market is extremely crowded with dozens of personal training businesses operating in one compact location.
The client had no “usuable” website for capturing leads and no additional budget to create a website, severely limiting lead capture. Her mailing list was also limited.


We created better visual branding around her chosen colours and the location of the training sessions, making her brand synonymous with the local foreshore.
We created a new Facebook strategy that included a “lead capture” group and mailing list sign up app.

We developed a social media based promotion that encouraged local women to come together in mutual weight loss support. The promotion “The 100kg Challenge” was co-sponsored by the Talk About Creative local page “Find It 4017”and marketed across local Facebook groups and pages. The client delivered valuable content to the “closed group” and on her Facebook page. We created content that encouraged local, health conscious women to actively engage with her brand, including weekly sign in sheets via Facebook Files.

We reached out to media outlets and provided content in the form of press releases for the client to cultivate her own media relationships.


  • 52% increase in Facebook reach
  • 25% increase in page virality
  • 84% increase in “highly targeted lead” generation via her Facebook group
  • 100% increase in mailing list sign ups
  • Peak hour media coverage on the number one rating radio station in Brisbane
  • Media coverage in local press

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