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Meet Sarah Luck, Health and Wellbeing Writer

Sarah is a Gemini and likes to multitask. As well as being a content writer at Talk About Creative specialising in anything to do with health, wellbeing, self-care and natural health, she has run her own private practice as a naturopath and nutritionist for 15 years. This helps her keep abreast of changes within the healthcare marketplace and maintain a keen understanding of what pain points drive consumers when it comes to making choices that will affect their health. The result is motivating SEO content articles that work.

Sarah has advanced diplomas in naturopathy, nutrition, herbal medicine and remedial massage. She nearly completed a master’s degree in Western Herbal medicine but academic writing nearly made her crazy so she left with some serious a*#e kicking research skills and a serious loathing for writing anything boring. She has written numerous published articles for WellBeing magazine including topics such as Cancer Proof your Body, Beat the Bugs – Preparing Your Immune System for Winter, Weight loss, Diabetes, Anti-Aging, Menopause and Detox.