Get Paid to Run Facebook Groups!

You do it anyway, you may as well get paid…

We’re looking for Facebook Group Admins interested in getting paid to do what you do best – manage people!

Does this sound like you?

  • You are passionate about your community
  • You spend hours reading posts and replies
  • You’ve had a few sticky moments where you’ve had to manage your members
  • You LOVE Facebook and run your group like a pro
  • You feel like you do it for love but you’re not always appreciated
  • Facebook group management actually costs you money – not to mention the time!


Get paid to be the diplomat, the influencer and the moderator.  Get paid to spend time chatting in groups. Get paid to grow your own group into a lively community!

Talk About Creative is an innovative digital marketing company in Brisbane.  We aren’t some randoms – we have 38 local digital marketers on our team, and now we’re looking to make connections with more group managers (pages are SO LAST WEEK).  

Interested?  Apply Now

Complete this form and we’ll see if we can “match you” to any open jobs with our clients.  We’ll also keep you in mind for future jobs!  Once you register, we’ll send you everything you need to know about job requirements, pay rates and the like.