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How do I upload photos from my computer to Instagram?

how to upload photos from a computer to instagram

How To Upload Photos From Your Computer To Instagram

Instagram is a great platform to connect with your customers, not to mention FUN. However, Instagram is also a PAIN to use when you spend most of your time at a desktop or laptop – you can’t upload photos from your computer to Instagram directly and Instagram actively prevents you from scheduling anything.

So how do you upload photos from a computer to your Instagram account when it’s clear Instagram is trying to stop you from doing it?

Don’t give up – with 5 million active Australian users each month, Instagram has proven to be a fast-growing and effective platform to promote your business. Thankfully, desktop-based apps have popped up to help you post pictures on Instagram from your laptop without losing your mind.

4 programs to help you upload photos from your computer to Instagram

There are a few options out there to help you get your photos off your PC and onto Instagram, without the laborious process of emailing them to yourself, downloading them on your phone and posting them that way.

Options include:
1. Latergramme – this popular desktop program and linked phone app allows you to schedule and upload photos from your computer to Instagram.
2. BlueStacks – allows you to run phone and tablet apps, including Instagram, from your desktop.
3. Gramblr – a software program designed solely to upload photos to Instagram. It has a few limitations, including that you have to edit and crop your pictures before you upload.
4. Instapic – a Windows app which allows you to edit, apply filters and post to Instagram.

How to get started with Latergramme

Our favourite is Latergramme because it lets you schedule posts as well. When you’re running multiple social media platforms the last thing you want is to have to remember to post to Instagram every single day. The problem is, Instagram specifically blocks third party apps from scheduling posts.

Latergramme manages to get around this rule in a very clever way that will still save you time. All you need is to make sure you have your phone on at the times you’re scheduling posts for – which you do anyway, right?

To get started, simply create an account on Latergramme and follow the prompts. You’ll need to:
· create the account on your computer
· check your email on your phone to download and install the Latergramme app
· select your plan – choose between free (up to 2 accounts, 30 posts a month) or paid (plans start from $19 pcm for up to 250 posts)
· start scheduling and posting!

How does Latergramme upload photos from your computer to Instagram?

Okay, so how does this fancy app manage to bypass all the usual Instagram rules about scheduling and uploading photos from your computer to Instagram?

Step 1: Drop your image and caption into Latergramme on your computer

Upload from your desktop, Dropbox or Google Drive. You’ll be prompted to crop your image square or switch to landscape/portrait mode.

Latergramme even includes a ‘search & repost’ function to help you can find popular images to regram.

Step 2: Schedule your Instagram post

Pick a time when you want to post your photo and caption on Instagram. Easily view your scheduled posts weeks ahead using Latergramme’s handy visual calendar. You can even monitor what you’ve already posted to keep track of your account/s.

Step 3: Post to Instagram from your phone

When the scheduled post time arrives, Latergramme sends the image and caption to your phone. A reminder will pop up – simply click on it and you’ll be taken to the Instagram app with your picture already loaded. From there you can use the full suite of Instagram editing functions or you can simply post it. Latergramme places the caption straight onto your clipboard so all you have to do is paste it into the caption field and post!

Instagram will register your photo upload as something you’ve posted manually (because you’ve still had to click – only once though!) so you avoid any penalty for using a third party app for scheduling.

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