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Long Tail Keywords – Quick Answer

Talk About Creative Brisbane Quick Answers

What are long tail keywords? Long tail keywords are website keywords with three or more words.   They’re made up of a head keyword and then describers that specify one aspect of the head keyword. They tend to be the main keyword for the industry with an adjective based tail: For example: Restaurant Sydney East …
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Penguin Updates 101

Penguin Updates 101 what you need to know

Never has a penguin been so ugly! The Penguin update, like the Panda one before took the cutest, happiest black and white ways of doing SEO and turned them into some more complex and confusing shades of grey. What is a Penguin Algorithm Update? Algorithm updates are where Google changes the way that it ranks …
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Images and SEO – Optimising your Photos for Search Engines

Image SEO

Images and SEO – How to Optimise your Website Images Bad news photographers, images aren’t SEO friendly.  Search Engines are working on it and getting better slowly but really, photographs are very hard for search engines to understand, being computers they have very little understanding of aesthetics. This is one reason that websites with a …
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Content Optimisation Blunders – The Usual Suspects

social media networking faux pas

Content Optimisation Blunders – The Usual Suspects We do our “free five minute fixes” for just about anyone who requests one (via the subscription box). We go through the code of your website and check out your content optimisaion – how you’re “talking to Google” and then point out easy, quick fix ways to improve …
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Uploading Content

Upload content to your CMS for big SEO benefits

Uploading Content: 5 Things You Should Be Doing Right If you’re uploading your own content, you may be skipping a step or two that could be detrimental to your website’s performance. A few basic changes to how you upload content in your CMS can make a massive difference to how many visitors you get to …
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SEO for Dummies (in the nicest possible way)

SEO for dummies. Plain English explanations of SEO terms for those new to the digital marketing industry

SEO for dummies, in the nicest, least patronising or mean way! Someone asked me to explain what SEO is as she wasn’t really sure she understood it. This is my reply, and then someone else suggested I post it here too, so thought I would 🙂 So, what is SEO anyway? We say “SEO for …
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E-stalking Competitors – How To Snoop on Their Stats!

e-stalking competitors - how to check your competitor's statistics

3 free, easy tools for snooping on your competitors There are plenty of tools that help you snoop on your competitors but most of them require a little bit of SEO knowledge or a monthly payment. If you’re a beginner to the SEO world, there are some free SEO tools that will help you e-stalk …
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LSI Keywords –What Does Latent Semantic Indexing Mean?

Latent Semantic Indexing What is LSI Keywords

What Does Latent Semantic Indexing Mean? Latent Semantic Indexing or LSI Keywords are words that search engines use to verify the quality of your content. Latent Semantic Indexing is essentially how search engines understand language. Language is too complex for computers to actually understand so instead, a mathematical equation is applied to determine which words …
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How to get to the top 3 in search results

Top 3 search results

How to get to the top 3 – when you’re stuck in page 1 hell! So, you’ve reached the first goal, you’re now on page 1. You’re in slot 4 or 6 or 8 or somewhere outside those first three magic slots. Next you need to figure out how to get to to the top …
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