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Improve Click Through by 77% – Email Marketing Subject Lines

Email marketing click through rates - increase click thorugh by 77%

One Word That Could Improve Click Through by 77% Is there really one must have word in your email marketing subject lines? Is there really some mystical combination of words that can get them opening, clicking through and buy, buy, buying? Email marketing (also known as Electronic Direct Marketing, EDM, Newsletter Marketing and in some …
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Facebook Marketing vs Networking vs Advertising

Facebook Marketing Vs Facebook Advertising Vs Facebook Networking - VITAL - know the difference

Social Media 101 – Facebook Marketing vs Facebook Networking vs Facebook Advertising Firstly, if you’re not on Facebook, get on Facebook – even if you REALLY don’t want to. There are a million and one experts telling you different stuff about marketing and networking on Facebook and if it’s worth it or not – it’s …
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The Facebook Ad that got 19000% ROI

The Facebook Ad that got 19000% ROI I “boosted” a Facebook post that resulted in $1520 in sales – the sponsorship cost us $8. That’s a 19000% return on investment! Normally I don’t sponsor posts on Facebook because let’s face it, it’s the biggest rip off since sliced cheese! There are a dozen better ways …
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Which Facebook ads gets the best results?

Facebook Ads can be a big success or a big flop - it comes down to the kind of socail advertising that you choose.

Answer: Lookalike Targeted Ads HOLYMOLY Facebook ads are becoming a rip off! First, sponsoring posts is the most expensive way of doing things. Those little impulse buys you’ve been making to spread your word further afield – those are expensive clicks.  The best value to be had from sponsored wall posts is to add your …
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