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Why Use WordPress For Small Business?

WordPress for small business

Why Use WordPress For Small Business There are an increasing number of website platforms available, this makes choosing the right one for your business confusing. Finding a user friendly platform that with a wide range of plugin options and themes isn’t as hard as you think. WordPress for small business is the only way to …
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What is a Value Proposition? Quick Answer

Talk About Creative Brisbane Quick Answers

What is a value proposition? Your value proposition is the promise your make to customers about the value they will receive from your product or service. It’s about showing your customers the benefits that will come from purchasing your product. Value proposition template There are a lot of value proposition templates around – depending on …
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How Important Is Owning Your Market Position?

Branding and Market Position - marketing tips that could save your small business

You might say not very. In fact, more than two thirds of businesses have never even considered it and plenty of those are doing just fine. So when it is essential to really grab your slice of the market, declare it yours and defend it? Google print shops in your city (chances are there are …
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