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SEO – Where To Begin

SEO - Where To Begin

SEO – Where To Begin SEO is confusing, particularly for beginners, so knowing what is SEO and where to begin is all about learning the basics. Start with an SEO friendly website, learn keyword research and the importance of keyword placement in your content. Discover your MOZ ranking, Google analytics figures and put these tools …
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Where The Wild Links Are – Attracting Organic Editorial Links

Organic editorial links - wild links and how to attract them

Contribution by Eva Lewis, professional blogger.  It’s the holy grail of link building – attracting wild links!  Organic, editorial links created by people truly interested in, and impressed by your content.  It’s the ‘TRUE’ factor that will increase your chances of having influencers link to your content – Timeliness, Relevance, Usefulness and Engaging. Add these …
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Eight Simple Rules for Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging Rules

Question:  What Do I Need To Know Before I Start Guest Blogging? Answer: You’re Only As Good As Your Content So, you want to get yourself some high-quality-low-risk-stick-around-and-grow type links and you’ve heard guest blogging is the way to go.  You’re correct.  It’s awesome.  You’ve signed up to My Blog Guest and Blogger Link Up, …
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Multimedia Content for Business Marketing

Content Marketing Writers

Question: What is Rich Media and Multimedia Content Marketing? Answer: SEO friendly, user friendly content Multimedia content marketing is about leveraging all kinds of formats to attract visitors to your site.  This includes images, video, text, audio, animations, quizzies – whatever you can use to make your site more enjoyable and appealing to users. Rich media …
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