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What Is The Google Fred Algorithm And Why It Matters To SMEs

Google Fred Algorithm

What Is The Google Fred Algorithm And Why It Matters To SMEs There’s been a lot of talk surrounding the latest update, Google Fred Algorithm, but what does it all really mean? And how do you know if you have been effected by it? As a result of this update being so new, there is …
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How to Recover From a Pigeon Algorithm Update

How to Recover From a Pigeon Algorithm Update

How to Recover From a Pigeon Algorithm Update Just when you think you’ve mastered your SEO, Google throws a spanner in the works and changes its algorithms for the umpteenth time. What is a Google Algorithm? A Google algorithm uses signals to search out web pages containing keywords, which other people use to search for …
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The quick way to tell if you’ve been whacked by the pop-up penalty

Whack a Mole Pop Up Penalty Diagnosis

Ok so it’s early days so it’s hard for website owners to determine if they’ve been hit by the pop-up penalty.  It’s too soon for conclusive evidence BUT this is a quick and dirty way to keep one eye on it!  (Learn more about the penalty) Using Google Analytics 101 The quickest, easiest way to …
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Are you ready for the Pop Up Penalty?

Interstitial Webpage Penalties

The Mobile Pop Up Penalty is rolling out. The Interstitial Webpage penalties to be more precise.  The Pop Up Penalty (official name TBC) is rolling out starting 10 January.  The purpose is to stop webmasters feeding readers ads or other pop ups before redirecting to the actual content.  It’s to help enhance mobile user experience especially, …
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How will the Core Algorithm Update Affect Small Business SEO?

Hard Core - Google Core Algorithm Update is Rolling Out Now

Editor’s Notes – Note that these are observations regarding the new Google Core Algorithm Update.  This algorithm is changing now, subscribe to our newsletter to stay on top of future changes.   Updated 9.2.16 The Google Core Algorithm Update has now been in affect for a little while and there’s some new insights from various SEO …
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April 21st 2015 Update – Google & Facebook Algorithm Chaos

Google and Facebook update algorithms on the same day - April 21st 2015

April 21st 2015 was a rough day for digital marketers. Google’s much hyped and long awaited “Mobilegeddon” update started rolling out and Facebook chose the date to start rolling out part two of its rather unpopular Newsfeed update. Here’s a recap of what each will mean for small business and what you need to know …
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Penguin Updates 101

Penguin Updates 101 what you need to know

Never has a penguin been so ugly! The Penguin update, like the Panda one before took the cutest, happiest black and white ways of doing SEO and turned them into some more complex and confusing shades of grey. What is a Penguin Algorithm Update? Algorithm updates are where Google changes the way that it ranks …
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Duplicate Content – How to Find it With a Plagiarism Checker

Find duplicate content

How to Check for Duplicate Content with a Plagiarism Checker Duplicate content is content that already exists in a search engine’s index. At best, the duplicate content will simply be awarded no SEO weight (publish too much and you could face penalties) but at worst, you could be guilty of plagiarism or other intellectual property …
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