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Pages or Posts for SEO?

Pages or Posts for SEO

Pages or Posts for SEO? The short answer: Your key to SEO success lies with both pages and posts. Search engines don’t mind which you use. It’s what you do with your pages and posts that counts. Pages and blog posts can perform as well as each other if you play your cards right. As …
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We Challenged Our Content Writers To A Concept Duel

wordsmith warriers

A Duel – To The Depth! What do you do when you have a team of incredible content writers?  You stage creative blood sport!  A duel to the depth.  A war with words.  A verbal game of thrones.  We challenged our writers to come write us the first hundred or so words that came to mind …
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10 Cheap or Free Photo Editors That Are Numpty Proof

Free Image Editing Software for Numpties

10 Cheap or Free Photo Editors That Are 100% Numpty Proof Don’t delete that image because it isn’t faultless, with a few simple edits you can create perfection! It’s not always possible to capture a flawless picture so photo editors are your friend for enhancing your images. Free photo editing software are popular among businesses, …
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