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Practice Vs Practise – One Minute Grammar Lessons

Practice Vs Practise Grammar

Practice Vs Practise

Here’s another one minute guide to improving your grammar. Practice Vs Practise is a very common grammar question – so we’ve put together a one minute guide to understanding and remembering when to use each word.

Practice is a noun. Practice is the word we use to describe the repetition of an activity to improve our skills. Think of it as the fixed event of practising (the verb) or an action that is completed on a regular basis. It can also be used to describe a profession—often a law practice or medical practice.

Practise is a verb. It’s used to describe the doing of the repetition, the actual action.

When to use Practice or Practise

‘I had netball practice after school.’

The law practice is just down the road.

‘In order to improve, you will need to practise every day.’

He practised his times tables before dinner.

How to remember the grammar

Remembering a particular sentence that uses the correct word can help you to remember the spelling. Note the bolded letters in each sentence—the c is for the noun and the s is for the verb.

A Country Practice was all about medical practitioners.

She does piano practise every day.

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