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4 Quick but Good Reasons to Outsource Content Marketing

Outsource Content Marketing Brisbane

Content Marketing is the New SEO – Don’t Muck It Up!

There are lots of good reasons to outsource your content marketing, but more importantly there are VERY good reasons to outsource it well. Content Marketing takes the place of some of your core SEO activities. It stands to reason that Google will start penalising poorly executed content marketing activities, in fact, it has! Spammy guest blogs are on Google’s hit list right now! DIY leaves you open to mistakes and cheap spammy activities leaves you open to penalties. It’s a fine line!

Before hiring a freelance content marketer (or freelance writer for that matter) be sure that they understand SEO not just content production – these days, everyone is calling themselves content experts but without SEO understanding you’re risking more than just dud content!

Producing great content is harder than you think!

Producing mediocre content is simple! Anyone can do it. But the core of content marketing is drawing in visitors, links and social interaction because the items you produce are so impressive. If you’re not the type or don’t have the time to produce beautiful, insightful, engaging, popular, funny…or whatever, content then you’re wasting your time!

Content Marketing is EXTREMELY time consuming!

Remember when getting a handful of links per day took an hour and was frustrating and seemed so time consuming? A good piece of content could take weeks! With any luck it will attract a lot of attention and some new clients but there’s every chance it won’t attract a lot of links – so your website’s performance may not see long term benefits. Even a well written article will take you an hour, a great original image the same – a White Paper or eBook could take months! We use our dedicated and talented experts in content production to get the job done.  Another reason to outsource content marketing jobs to us – just putting that out there!

Part one is content, part two is marketing!

Professional online marketing firms have well established channels for marketing your content once it’s produced. Whether it’s a solid Facebook network, a kickarse blog presence, friends in cool places or a textbook knowledge of your demographic’s online habits, they’re equipped to help you hit the ground running. It’s much easier to send something viral if you’ve got a network ready to make it that way, than it is if you’ve got a quiet little website to work from!

It’s another new playing field…

For those raised in traditional broadcast or print marketing times, back in the last century (feeling old yet?) or even though who were SEO kings of the early naughties, you may find that your skills aren’t just dusty, they’re working against you. A great piece of content is all about being relatable. Knowing your market is a core part of that, but knowing how they consume “new media” is another, very important part. Soemthing as simple as an oldschool sounding Facebook post could ruin the virality of your post.

Outsource your content marketing and see better results. Talk to us about how we can help. We do flexible small business content marketing packs as well as white label reseller packs. Outsourcing makes sense….and impact.

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