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10 Common Small Biz Online Marketing Problems – and How To Fix Them

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10 Ways Quality Content can Fix Your Online Marketing Problems!

Content Solves Everything! Here’s 10 common online marketing problems and 10 ways to fix them with content!

Your website is new and not ranking

Google gives new websites a bit of a “Honeymoon” treatment if they’re launched right. Getting this treatment to kick in can be tough. You need to ensure you’re offering something that is unique to everyone else, that your site is fully indexed and that Google knows all about it. Write well and often from the start. Populate your blog with a variety of comprehensive, original articles and then link to them from trusted, authentic directories, blogs, forums and social platforms, especially Google Plus. If you publish to your Google Plus business page and then include the link using the link to button, it’ll get indexed faster.

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Your website only gets traffic from brand name keywords

This is a formatting issue. Start formatting content according to best practice on page optimisation. If you’re in a very competitive niche, producing some white papers for publication on industry leading blogs and websites will help you rapidly grow your domain authority.

Including an optimised blog on your site and then doing some guest blogging on high quality sites will build the value of your domain quickly too.

Your website is always ranked a few slots below one particular competitor

You need to check out their site on Moz and compare their stats to your own. You can then check out their inbound links and see which of the higher quality ones (look for bigger numbers in the list) you can submit content to as well. Perhaps the competitor is writing for a business network and getting tons of link love. Is there room for you to write for them too? Do they have a competitor that needs content or an “expert” like you on their blog? Just be sure to get those links in exchange for your premium content!

Your industry is competitive, everyone sells similar stuff and they all compete on price

This is a branding and PR issue. Ensuring your brand stands out as the one that is different and getting people talking about it is vital. Once you decide your branding position, you should keep it in mind at all times, when sourcing products, posting on social channels or just chatting to people. Use that brand to then connect with bloggers and industry names that share your brand’s values. Align with them and get them talking about what you do by providing them with content that is relevant to your shared industry position. For example, if ‘quality, hand made baby clothes” is your brand position, find bloggers who write about unique and beautiful high end fashion and offer them guest blogs on how to pick if a garment is well made or likely to fall apart. This re-enforces your branding position as the “quality one” and gets you exposure to the right audience.

You can also subtly distance your brand from “cheap and cheerful” brands by writing content on topics like “what made in China really means” and the like. This content demonstrates what you do, without selling. That’s where real value content marketing comes into play.

Your social is awesome, your blog is dead

Facebook and other social platforms is where a lot of businesses start out, grow, research, engage and sell before they have the budget to properly market a website. There is a new phenomenon in small business marketing where Facebook pages have 100,000+ fans but the website has zero traffic. To leverage your Facebook page properly, you should have social buttons on your site connecting it to your Facebook page (for SEO purposes) but you should also consider Social Media Conversion Tactics. Multimedia blogs are the best way to integrate a Facebook conversation directly into your blog. This involves directly embedding the Facebook conversation onto a controversial blog (amonst other things) so that they stay on your site. Giving your market a reason to click through to your site is vital. Blogging, sales, promotions, white papers, downloadable, infographics….all content that can pull them straight from Facebook onto your site.

You can also use a Facebook app like Rafflecopter to capture the email addresses of your Facebook fans. You can then add them to your mailing list and get click through to your site, not to your Facebook page.

Your industry is huge, boring and it’s really hard to cut through

Insurance huh? Bookkeeping? Commercial cleaning maybe. Tiles? When there is a huge industry that’s very, very competitive and very, very dull, content marketing and branding can make you the only choice. Here’s the thing, differentiating your brand so it appeals more to one niche will change everything! Talk About Creative is a prime example of this. The SEO industry has happily made quite a lot of money by bamboozling and kerfuffling. It talks almost exclusively to men. It is all about being tricky tricksters. Talk About Creative’s clients are 80% women. We attract people who authentically want an understanding of SEO. We attract people who need to use their budget wisely. This is a cut throat industry where we use our blog, Facebook page and “personality” to attract and “own” our own chunk of the market. You don’t need a gimmick, or an expensive rich media package…. You just need to be highly appealing, provide useful content and have a great brand personality – one your market would like to go drinking with!

You’re in the top slot for the keywords you aimed for

Terrible problem to have! This is where it’s time to push forward and open up to new markets. It’s like in traditional marketing where every woman in town shops at your store…. it’s time to either get another town, more stuff to buy from you or start appealing to men and kids too. It’s the same with keywords. If you sell baby clothes online and you’re number one for everything to do with baby clothes, it’s time to open a bricks and mortar store and sell baby clothes on the high street. Maybe you need to also stock childen’s clothes…. Maybe it’s time to look further afield – maybe to people who don’t have babies but need to buy baby shower gifts. Identifying new markets can be done by researching keywords, then you need to market to them through your amazing content. Using the new keywords in blogs will start getting you visits from these new customers.

You’ve got a great site, it’s ranking well but you’re not making any sales

This is where market research is VITAL – unfortunately, market research is also EXPENSIVE. In the old days, you’d pay a pack of university students to stand on street corners and ask people questions or to call them during dinner to find out their opinion on shoes. If you don’t have the budget for a focus group to come and read look at your stuff, use social media and newsletter. Ask your Facebook tribe which products they love and which they don’t. Ask them how much they’d expect to pay for items. Ask them to go to your site and give you feedback. Use Survey Monkey to get them to answer questions about why they’re not buying – offer a prize and make it more like a promotion than a favour. Once you know the issue, you can create content to overcome objections – maybe content that demonstrates the value of your product. You can also use this information to rebrand and push content that brings in a different target market.

People don’t “get” why you’re valuable to them

If you do something that’s hard to explain or where the value isn’t immediately obvious (like SEO for example) Infographics can sum it up in a way that is easily digestible. For more in depth explanations, white papers and ebooks will offer your potential market lots of great information and position you as the expert. If it’s good enough, you may find everyone in your industry linking to your site!

You have an awesome product but nobody realises how awesome

Blogger outreach is a great way to get your product out there. If what you sell is so great, the blogger will give it a glowing review. Collect those testimonials and create Social Media Shables (memes) and testimonials for your website. Offering links to those giving testimonials is another great way to build up your list of recommendations.

Use Facebook networking and cross promotion to get exposed to existing networks of your ideal target market. Rather than building one new fan at a time, tap into an existing pool and get their influencers recommending you.

Give your amazing products to local charities and schools as fund raising prizes on the condition that they use them first – getting a few evangelists who have their own network is worth its weight in gold.

Content Marketing can completely change how your brand performs. If you need help with it, get in touch with Talk About Creative!