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Insights for Online Marketing 2014

There’s a whole lot of reflection going on right now. Facebook is filled to the gills with inspirational messages, trips down memory lane and pictures of “the year that was” (mostly featuring Grumpy Cat). In addition to my Earth shatteringly profound ideas (*cough*) from July I have gathered a few new (well new to me) revelations on the meaning of life online.

1. Sometimes one little thing changes everything

One night you’re panicking yourself off to sleep over some insurmountable object in your path, the next you’re finding yourself snuggled up cosy in the doona of triumph. If life is about learning then happiness is about decision making. Making one little good decision (often not the easiest or most desirable) can take the most craptacular of years and turn it into something you never dreamed possible. This is, at its core, the essence of hope.

2. Facebook makes humans

Generation X and all previous generations mostly saw human beings in two dimensions. What was the name of that girl who dropped out of school to have a baby at your school? Who was that boy who went to jail? Then there’s that IT girl who had everything just handed to her…. They were characters from a teen soap opera, two dimensional and always “branded” by a single action. Facebook (all social media but Facebook in particular) keeps us updated on the sadness, the victory, the challenges and the thoughts of people who would otherwise be relegated back to a two dimensional character from our pasts. Facebook takes clichéd, two dimensional characters from our lives and turns them back into human beings for us. In that sense, Facebook teaches us humanity.

3. Language is making an evolutionary leap

Language evolution no longer defines and separates the younger generation. Trends in language now flow in all 360 degrees, not just between youth and younger youth. When we were all hip and cool and Gen X, we had our own language and it branded us as the “lost generation” – it set us apart from baby boomers. But now, Gen Y and Z are massive mainstream influencers because we’re part of their pop culture (like it or not kids) through social media use. We say “Amazeballs” to each other at school pick up. We “totes” understand what “totes” means. Our parents never said dude unless it was in relation to a Texan ranch and would never say that Jennifer from the P&C thinks “she all that”. The way language spreads has changed in a single generation thanks to social media – that’s exciting.

It’s new to me anyway, I tend to be a bit slow on the uptake when it comes to some things, so maybe it’s just more about solidifying ideas…who knows.  Hope you enjoyed reading a few online marketing insights nonetheless!  Happy 2014!