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Multimedia Content for Business Marketing

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Question: What is Rich Media and Multimedia Content Marketing?

Answer: SEO friendly, user friendly content

Multimedia content marketing is about leveraging all kinds of formats to attract visitors to your site.  This includes images, video, text, audio, animations, quizzies – whatever you can use to make your site more enjoyable and appealing to users.

Rich media is any multimedia content that is responsive to the user, so it’s not just an image on the page, it’s something that the user can click that enhances their experience.

 How is rich media and multimedia used in content marketing?

If it’s innovative enough it might just go “viral”.  If your users can “design a room” using a program on your website, or co-ordinate outfits or watch videos about something that interests them, you may attract links to your website without trying.  Rich and Multimedia content marketing is  one of the most popular ways to get your brand out there right now. These items can be created by Talk About Creative’s network of coders and developers but note that they tend to be beyond the budget of many small businesses.

We also provide more affordable ways to create yourself an interactive and media rich website as part of our monthly content marketing packages. This may be a simple video that advertises your products, an embedded, managed Facebook discussion, a mobile friendly Prezzi or a blog that contains embedded YouTube code. These can create clicks and even links at a small business friendly price!

Which businesses benefit most from diverse format content?

Lots of businesses benefit from these and in fact, Google’s ongoing algoritm updates lean further and further towards a focus on this kind of content – so maybe EVERY business! Crafters and Tradies do very well with “how to” videos.  Businesses with complex concepts to explain can do well with an animation to explain them.  Quizzies, games, animations and other “fun” content can go a long way to branding your business or blog as creative and enjoyable.

How much do these kinds of items cost? 

As much as a piece of string.  Your budget will determine the content rather than content determining the budget!  For a simple video or YouTube embedded article, you might pay $200 but an animation or game will cost you….a piece of string!

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