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What’s Your Logo Secretly Saying About You? Logo Colour Meaning

What does your logo colour say about you?


Contribution by graphic designer Marie O’NeillMarie O'Neill Illustration and Design Brisbane

As a designer I adore colour. I love that a simple change of colour can completely transform a design and bring it to life.  For logos, every colour has meaning, The colours that I apply to any brand are carefully considered and the chosen palette is designed to create an emotional response in the viewer, anything from a sense of peace or trust right through to crazy excitement and energy.  Logo colour meaning is a core part of branding and any professional designer will ensure your logo is on brand.  So have you ever stopped to consider what your logo colours might be saying about your business?

Could the colours of your branding negatively impact your business?

It’s no secret that consumers are very colour driven and the colour appeal plays a massive part in successful marketing and product sales. First impressions count and colour forms a big part of that first impression.  The colours you choose for your logo will subconsciously influence their feelings about your brand. So what is your logo colour scheme saying about you?

Blue logos mean:

What do blue logos mean for your business

Blue is dependable and stable and calm. It is cool, fresh and controlled. It says that you can be trusted, conveys intelligence, cleanliness and security. It’s a favourite of health professionals, financial institutions and technology.

Green logos mean:

what do green logos mean about your business

Green is the colour of choice for all things eco-friendly and natural and is the easiest colour for the eyes to process. As the colour of grass and trees, it is immediately soothing and restful. It is the favoured colour for brands that relate to growth and health. Interestingly, it is also a colour that represents wealth, greed, jealousy and envy, so clearly this is where clever design comes into play to ensure colours send the right message.

Red logos mean:

What do red logos mean about a business

When it comes to branding and your logo, red is not a colour to be used lightly. Red is bold and strong and daring. It can be exciting and energetic. It conveys a sense of heat, youth and dynamism. Red can symbolise love, urgency, anger and passion. Often used as the colour for sales, it is a colour that conveys a strong energy.

Purple logos mean:

What do purple logos mean about your business

Purple is the colour of royalty. It is a rich, creative, playful and imaginative colour. You rarely see purple used in more corporate settings. It is associated with magic and mystery yet it is also used to symbolise sadness and mourning.

Pink logos mean:

What do pink logos mean about your business

Pink is romantic, sweet and feminine. It’s caring, sensitive and tender. It can be a very innocent and fresh colour, and has strong ties to all things princess and girl related. It’s a fun and playful colour. It’s been successfully used as the colour of breast cancer awareness, and has an undeniably female appeal.

Orange logos mean:

Orange logo meaning

Orange is a cheerful, friendly and confident colour. Youthful, fun and happy it’s a colour that can’t help but stand out.  It can also be used to signify caution or danger. It’s filled with hope and is often used in industries such as health, finance and insurance.

Yellow logos mean:

What does a yellow logo say about your business

What’s not to love about yellow? It’s a bright, fun and happy colour and just oozes optimism. Yellow demands attention but in a warmer, softer way than orange. Yellow is popular in the branding of children’s products and is gender neutral. It’s like a little injection of sunshine.

Black logos mean:

What does a black logo say about your business

Black can be many things. Elegant, mysterious, bold and strong, it’s a colour that needs to be used the right way to make the most impact. A little bit of black goes a long way. It can be a very powerful and sleek colour, often used to market luxury, high end product lines. Its a no-nonsense colour, that can be used to make strong statements.

White logos mean:

What does a while logo say about your business?

Purity, innocence and balance. White is calm, neutral and sophisticated. It’s understated, elegant and classic. White is a confident choice simply because there is nowhere to hide and the simple elegance of the design must shine through.

The biggest mistake you can make with logo colour is…

People choose the colours for their brand based on what appeals to them personally and whilst this is understandable, it can mean you are sending mixed messages or potentially missing making that great first impression.  The meaning conveyed by your logo colour is the meaning conveyed by your business.  Are your logo colours working for or against you?

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