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How To Amplify Your Brand Reach

Want your products to go viral? Of course you do and you can!

You have worked hard and spent countless hours creating a great product and a brand consumers can trust; so why aren’t your Facebook posts converting in to sales? Why aren’t your fans spreading the word? The good news is, it is easier to amplify your brand reach than you think!

Talk About Creative And Brand Meets Blog

Brand Meets Blog Amplification

Talk About Creative has been building SEO and Digital Marketing success for our clients for nearly a decade.  To do that better, we acquired Brand Meets Blog, a trusted Australian Influencer agency.  Together the two agencies provide the most comprehensive, authentic influencer outreach service in Australia.  We combine the strength of proven outreach strategies with an army of reputable, professional Australian bloggers across all niches – to ensure you get the best possible results.

Be seen, be noticed and be recognised by the right people

It is no secret that consumers need to see a product more than once before they even realise they have seen it; even more before it is recognised or purchased.

So how do you get your products in front of the right eyes? Better yet, in front of your target market? By using a combination of traditional SEO, content marketing and online influencers. This sounds scary and complex but it doesn’t have to be!


Bloggers and influencers build relationships with people. These relationships grow through trust and constant engagement which ultimately results in higher reach and further exposure on their social media platforms. It is this sense of community that consumers want to feel; so when a new product is mentioned or featured by these trusted influencers their fans want to know more. This typically results in a highly engaged audience that buy based on recommendation.

Word of mouth is a powerful tool!

The viral effect

When multiple influencers share your message, their followers will see. If these fans like, comment or share, their friends will also see your products. This chain reaction of engagement creates the perception of a viral effect. This creates hype around your brand and as messages are more effective to consumers when they are repeated this is a huge benefit to your business. Mainly because shoppers are more inclined to purchase products when it appears everyone else has it.

When your brand has a reliable reputation, influencers will promote and encourage their followers to consider your products through organic content not because of your campaign but as a result of your great quality products.

By choosing the right influencers, your target market will be reached through not only word of mouth but also through the ability to amplify your brand reach from the highly sought after viral effect. Talk About Creative and Brand Meets Blog makes this dream a reality by giving you the option to not put all your eggs in one basket.

Choose the right influencers TODAY.  Talk About Creative can help make your campaign a big success.