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What is a Good Bounce Rate?

Bouncing Balls - Lowering bounce rates

What is a Good Bounce Rate in Google Analytics?

Hands up, who is addicted to website statistics? I check our Webmaster Tools and Analytics data daily and fret over little dips and celebrate the big climbs. Of all the data available in Analytics (and Webmaster Tools) there are a few which we all fret about. One of those is bounce rate – no matter what you do, your bounce rate probably seems higher than you want it to be – don’t panic, it’s probably not as bad as you think. So what’s a good bounce rate?

What is this bounce rate thingy anyway?

Your bounce rate is the percentage of visitors to your website that only visit one page – that is, the arrive and leave from the same page without checking anywhere else on the site. The goal is to have as low a bounce rate as possible – you want them coming in, hanging around, reading all your meaty and fascinating content and then spending their life’s savings on your product – and yet so many of them bounce away…..

What causes a high bounce rate?

Lots of individual things can create a high bounce rate. If you are finding that you do have a high bounce rate this checklist may help:

  • Is your design attractive to your customers?
  • Do you have relevant and catchy titles and well set out content?
  • Are your keywords accurate and “on topic”?
  • Do you provide quality content that is worth reading/viewing?
  • Are you answering their questions?
  • Is it easy for them to navigate to relevant or related information?
  • Is the landing page relevant to the rest of the website?
  • Try fixing a few of these and monitor the results in Analytics (you can create an annotation under the timeline graph at the top of the page to help you keep track).

Is it the same as an exit rate?

Nope.  A bounce is when someone comes to a page on your site and leaves the site without clicking further.  It doesn’t matter how long they were on the site.  An exit page is the last page (or screen) a user visited before leaving the site.  For more information on how these metrics are calculated, check here.


So, what is a good bounce rate?

While there’s no fixed answer, 20% or lower is so amazing it’s almost unheard of! If you have a 20% or lower bounce rate, please comment below and write me a fabulous guest post on how you did it! 70% or higher probably means there is a problem that you should address. 40 – 60% is about average (the laws of mathmatics win again).

Oh pooh! Mine is high!

Don’t panic. Try fixing some of the items above. If you get stuck, check our on page SEO section or talk to us about affordable SEO copywriting (which includes a keywording strategy) or check out our online marketing Brisbane DIY eBook store. So what is a good bounce rate? A better one than you have now. This is the only time I’ll ever say this – aim low! Good luck!

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