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April 21st 2015 Update – Google & Facebook Algorithm Chaos

Google and Facebook update algorithms on the same day - April 21st 2015

April 21st 2015 was a rough day for digital marketers. Google’s much hyped and long awaited “Mobilegeddon” update started rolling out and Facebook chose the date to start rolling out part two of its rather unpopular Newsfeed update. Here’s a recap of what each will mean for small business and what you need to know …
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Social Media Management – Avoid this Mistake at all Costs…

Social media fairytales

…and why Goldilocks is one smart chick! Small business social media management is turning a dangerous corner. The industry has become flooded with new businesses claiming to offer professional social media services – but in fact, are offering their own (now failing) social strategy. It seems everyone these days is a social media manager.  Got …
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Digital Marketing URL TO BE USED AS PAGE

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Internet Based Business Idea? 10 things you should know

Internet Based Business Idea? 10 things you should know Starting an internet based business from the ground up is usually seen as a way to bring money in with few overheads. And it is….for some – not so much for others. To give yourself the very best start online, make sure you’ve considered these factors: …
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Google Plus For Business – It’s time…

Google Plus for Business

Google Plus for Business Are you using Google Plus for business?  Let me guess, you’re frustrated by the lack of conversation on there?  It’s a tough one because you need it for other elements of your digital marketing (this is no accident – Google wants you to centralise your activity through its social network) but …
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Google Plus Optimisation

Google Plus for Business

Google Plus SEO – Get the most from every post! Google Plus SEO is one of those areas where everyone has an opinion and then along comes an algorithm update and bam… everyone needs a new opinion!  If you are making the move to Google+ for your business, be sure to read up on any …
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5 Ways Using Twitter For Business Has Helped Me Succeed

Twitter for Business

5 Ways Using Twitter For Business Has Helped Me Succeed This is a guest blog by Jane Wardell, owner of Eat Out With Kids, Australia’s most comprehensive guide to kid friendly restaurants. Jane has used Twitter to rapidly grow her business and to cultivate media contacts and relationships in the restaurant industry. Who better to …
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Facebook Graph Search Algorithm 101

Facebook Graph Search Algorithm with Mark Zuckerburg

The Facebook Graph Search Algorithm is part of Facebook’s plan to take on Google! Facebook and Google have rivalled each other for a long time and Google has tried with Google Plus to enter the Social Media Market, with limited success so far. Graph Search is an ever-improving internal search engine for Facebook users. Facebook …
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Facebook Marketing vs Networking vs Advertising

Facebook Marketing Vs Facebook Advertising Vs Facebook Networking - VITAL - know the difference

Social Media 101 – Facebook Marketing vs Facebook Networking vs Facebook Advertising Firstly, if you’re not on Facebook, get on Facebook – even if you REALLY don’t want to. There are a million and one experts telling you different stuff about marketing and networking on Facebook and if it’s worth it or not – it’s …
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Blog and Facebook Content Creation Ideas

Content creation ideas

Stuck for blog content? Is your Facebook content all too ho-hum? Here’s some tips for strategic content creation – even when your inspiration is low! First, What You Need to know about Content Creation One of the biggest complaints I hear from clients (and one of the big reasons we sell so many blog entries …
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