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Google Plus For Beginners

Facebook Google Plus Decoder Ring

 Google Plus For Beginners (just like Facebook only Quiet!) Google Plus is kind of like Facebook and kind of not.   Setting it up is very similar to Facebook in that you have a personal profile and then you create a business page.  A plus 1 is essentially a like and the little arrow is a …
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10 Online Marketing Myths and Fairytales for Small Business Owners

Online marketing myths

Ten Myths about Online Marketing for Small and Medium Business After a year of doing Five Minute Fixes and answering quotes, two years of running a Facebook page and months of Q&A sessions, I have noticed a few myths, fairytales and misconceptions about various aspects of online marketing.  The same ones keep coming up, like …
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Keyword Strategy: What small businesses should know

Content creation ideas

 Keyword Strategy: What small, local and niche businesses need to know about SEO. Talk About Creative gets a lot of work from our keyword strategy.  Like, mind boggling.  We have so many customers that I sometimes need a lie down just to comprehend how much work there is to do!  We get work from three …
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Professional Search Engine Optimization – 1 Minute Reads

Talk About Creative Brisbane Quick Answers

Choosing Professional Search Engine Optimization – 1 minute to read, a FORTUNE to save! The professional search engine optimization (aka optimisation) industry is mostly made up of search engine optimization web developers, copywriters and off page SEOs.  When most people talk about hiring an SEO, it’s the last one. What do professional search engine optimizers …
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Marketing Your Online Kids Boutique – What You Need to Know

market a kids boutique online

  Marketing Your Online Kids Boutique – What You Need to Know  What mum hasn’t dreamed of owning an online kids boutique?  Who would love to spend her days “cool hunting” for fabulous baby products – and that explains the insanely competitive baby products marketplace.  Because Facebook and Pinterest are such AWESOME places to promote …
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