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Uploading Content

Upload content to your CMS for big SEO benefits

Uploading Content: 5 Things You Should Be Doing Right If you’re uploading your own content, you may be skipping a step or two that could be detrimental to your website’s performance. A few basic changes to how you upload content in your CMS can make a massive difference to how many visitors you get to …
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Facebook Graph Search Algorithm 101

Facebook Graph Search Algorithm with Mark Zuckerburg

The Facebook Graph Search Algorithm is part of Facebook’s plan to take on Google! Facebook and Google have rivalled each other for a long time and Google has tried with Google Plus to enter the Social Media Market, with limited success so far. Graph Search is an ever-improving internal search engine for Facebook users. Facebook …
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SEO for Dummies (in the nicest possible way)

SEO for dummies. Plain English explanations of SEO terms for those new to the digital marketing industry

SEO for dummies, in the nicest, least patronising or mean way! Someone asked me to explain what SEO is as she wasn’t really sure she understood it. This is my reply, and then someone else suggested I post it here too, so thought I would 🙂 So, what is SEO anyway? We say “SEO for …
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Improve Click Through by 77% – Email Marketing Subject Lines

Email marketing click through rates - increase click thorugh by 77%

One Word That Could Improve Click Through by 77% Is there really one must have word in your email marketing subject lines? Is there really some mystical combination of words that can get them opening, clicking through and buy, buy, buying? Email marketing (also known as Electronic Direct Marketing, EDM, Newsletter Marketing and in some …
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E-stalking Competitors – How To Snoop on Their Stats!

e-stalking competitors - how to check your competitor's statistics

3 free, easy tools for snooping on your competitors There are plenty of tools that help you snoop on your competitors but most of them require a little bit of SEO knowledge or a monthly payment. If you’re a beginner to the SEO world, there are some free SEO tools that will help you e-stalk …
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Facebook Marketing vs Networking vs Advertising

Facebook Marketing Vs Facebook Advertising Vs Facebook Networking - VITAL - know the difference

Social Media 101 – Facebook Marketing vs Facebook Networking vs Facebook Advertising Firstly, if you’re not on Facebook, get on Facebook – even if you REALLY don’t want to. There are a million and one experts telling you different stuff about marketing and networking on Facebook and if it’s worth it or not – it’s …
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Tactical Procrastinating for Small Business Owners

Small Business Tactics - Productive Procrastination

Small Business Tactics – Procrastination with Purpose So, here I am writing a blog when I have far more pressing work to do. It’s procrastination; there is no doubt about it. The work on my list for today is keyword research (like SEO admin) and month to month admin. 100% avoidance tactic right here. On …
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LSI Keywords –What Does Latent Semantic Indexing Mean?

Latent Semantic Indexing What is LSI Keywords

What Does Latent Semantic Indexing Mean? Latent Semantic Indexing or LSI Keywords are words that search engines use to verify the quality of your content. Latent Semantic Indexing is essentially how search engines understand language. Language is too complex for computers to actually understand so instead, a mathematical equation is applied to determine which words …
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Blog and Facebook Content Creation Ideas

Content creation ideas

Stuck for blog content? Is your Facebook content all too ho-hum? Here’s some tips for strategic content creation – even when your inspiration is low! First, What You Need to know about Content Creation One of the biggest complaints I hear from clients (and one of the big reasons we sell so many blog entries …
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How to become a wholesaler of baby stuff….

Facebook Marketing and Business Ideas - how to thrive in a crowded marketplace

How to become a wholesaler of baby stuff….or how not to! This is a guest post by Salena Knight of Sydney Baby Boutiques, Flower Child. Sal sources original, lovely baby items for their two Sydney locations and their online store.  This guest blog remains one of our MOST SHARED EVER.  It’s a practical guide to …
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