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Trades SEO – Tradesmen, Don’t Get Ripped Off

local SEO, SEO for trades

What you should know about SEO for trades and local services Trades SEO tends to be local business SEO – there is a defined service area that you can work within so you need to focus your SEO efforts there.  Search Engines are moving towards greater exposure for tradies and other local businesses so it’s …
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A Bunch of Must-Have 100% Free Resources For Small Business

small business resourcs - FREE

A Bunch of Essential FREE Resources for Small Business Folk Has your password been compromised in your free email account? Have your images been stolen? Has anyone plagiarised your website? Do you want to build your own (quality) website? Do you need free, legitimate, legal software? Do you need free, reputable virus …
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Passive Voice Vs Active Voice

Grammar Tips passive voice

Toni’s Notes is a compilation of grammar tips usually written written by professional proofreader and editor, Antonia Medhurst. This particular Toni’s Note is written by Dana Flannery who is here to defend Passive Voice! Speaking up for Passive Voice This week we had a reason to open up the Passive Voice Vs Active Voice debate …
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Australian SEO

Australian SEO

Australian SEO – What You Need to Know Australian SEO, like most things here in Australia is impacted by our vast space and relatively small population. Most of the top SEO companies are based in the United States so statistics, reports and white papers on SEO usually refer to American stats. So what does that …
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Choosing Search Engine Optimisation Services

SEO Packages Explained

Choosing Search Engine Optimisation Services That Don’t Suck. The professional search engine optimisation (aka optimization) industry is mostly made up of SEO web developers, copywriters like us and off page SEOs. When most people talk about hiring an SEO, it’s the last one.  These are the guys who ‘build links” to your site. It’s kind …
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Images and SEO – Optimising your Photos for Search Engines

Image SEO

Images and SEO – How to Optimise your Website Images Bad news photographers, images aren’t SEO friendly.  Search Engines are working on it and getting better slowly but really, photographs are very hard for search engines to understand, being computers they have very little understanding of aesthetics. This is one reason that websites with a …
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Content Optimisation Blunders – The Usual Suspects

social media networking faux pas

Content Optimisation Blunders – The Usual Suspects We do our “free five minute fixes” for just about anyone who requests one (via the subscription box). We go through the code of your website and check out your content optimisaion – how you’re “talking to Google” and then point out easy, quick fix ways to improve …
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5 Ways Using Twitter For Business Has Helped Me Succeed

Twitter for Business

5 Ways Using Twitter For Business Has Helped Me Succeed This is a guest blog by Jane Wardell, owner of Eat Out With Kids, Australia’s most comprehensive guide to kid friendly restaurants. Jane has used Twitter to rapidly grow her business and to cultivate media contacts and relationships in the restaurant industry. Who better to …
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How Important Is Owning Your Market Position?

Branding and Market Position - marketing tips that could save your small business

You might say not very. In fact, more than two thirds of businesses have never even considered it and plenty of those are doing just fine. So when it is essential to really grab your slice of the market, declare it yours and defend it? Google print shops in your city (chances are there are …
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Create a Chrome App in just 20 minutes & for $5

how to create a Chrome App in 20 minutes - step by step instructions

Creating a Chrome App for your business is quite literally as easy as pie. The recipe is simple and you don’t need mad chef skills to do it just right, in fact, like puff pastry fresh from the freezer, you can pick up the hard stuff and then just work your magic. So what’s the …
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