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SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

LSI Keywords –What Does Latent Semantic Indexing Mean?

Latent Semantic Indexing What is LSI Keywords

What Does Latent Semantic Indexing Mean? Latent Semantic Indexing or LSI Keywords are words that search engines use to verify the quality of your content. Latent Semantic Indexing is essentially how search engines understand language. Language is too complex for computers to actually understand so instead, a mathematical equation is applied to determine which words …
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How to get to the top 3 in search results

Top 3 search results

How to get to the top 3 – when you’re stuck in page 1 hell! So, you’ve reached the first goal, you’re now on page 1. You’re in slot 4 or 6 or 8 or somewhere outside those first three magic slots. Next you need to figure out how to get to to the top …
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Content Marketing Brisbane

Content Marketing - the buzz word explained

Content Marketing – Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzz word of 2016 Content Marketing is what we do in fact, we were doing content marketing in Brisbane before anyone else.  It’s similar to traditional SEO backlinking except that it’s the exact opposite. If both were cars, Content Marketing would be the Rolls Royce and SEO, the 1987 Datsun with a …
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Online Marketing Insights

Insights for Online Marketing 2014

There’s a whole lot of reflection going on right now. Facebook is filled to the gills with inspirational messages, trips down memory lane and pictures of “the year that was” (mostly featuring Grumpy Cat). In addition to my Earth shatteringly profound ideas (*cough*) from July I have gathered a few new (well new to me) …
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Forget Traffic – Increase Conversions!

Conversion Optimisation 101 - Increase your website conversion rate

How Do I Increase Conversions on My Website? I just said to my husband “let’s get pizza”. Usually he’d reply with all the reasons we should eat healthily at home. Instead he said “Ok”. Why am I telling you this? Besides the fact I don’t have to cook, so I have time to tell you….I …
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How do I choose a GOOD SEO company?

Find duplicate content

How do I choose a GOOD SEO company?  A guide for small business This week I’ve been asked a couple of times what the warning signs are that an SEO company is likely to be crappola. I’ve written a few things on understanding SEO packages before but I thought this would be extra helpful for …
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Product Description Writing that Sells

Product Description Writing that tells the buyer that you have the only choice!

Question:  How do I write a Product Description that Sells? Answer: It’s all about the buyer!  A product description shouldn’t just tell your readers what the product is – it should help them to decide to buy it.  There are a few key factors to consider when writing a product description for your website.  Here …
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Content Optimisation

Content Optimisation adding H Tags

Question: How do I do Content Optimisation? Answer: Format and Upload Correctly  If you’re uploading your own content, you may be skipping a step or two that could be detrimental to your website’s performance.  Content optimisation is about making your content easy for search engines to read and understand. A few basic steps can make …
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Eight Simple Rules for Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging Rules

Question:  What Do I Need To Know Before I Start Guest Blogging? Answer: You’re Only As Good As Your Content So, you want to get yourself some high-quality-low-risk-stick-around-and-grow type links and you’ve heard guest blogging is the way to go.  You’re correct.  It’s awesome.  You’ve signed up to My Blog Guest and Blogger Link Up, …
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10 Ways Our Content Writing Services Will Change Your Life

Content Marketing Writers

Question: How can Content Change My Life? Answer: It can fix ten of your most annoying problems! Our content writing services Solve everything! Maybe not hunger or war or anything profound but our content writers can help fix 10 of your current problems. Here’s how!  1. Your website is new and not ranking  Google gives new …
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