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SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Bloggers: SEO is Not a Four Letter Word!

Bloggers: SEO is Not a Four Letter Word There’s nothing like a copious amounts of well written and interesting content to attract a search engine and yet, bloggers turn their backs on SEO? For some bloggers, SEO is a four letter word, a dirty, low down trick that denigrates the credibility, heart and soul of …
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Where The Wild Links Are – Attracting Organic Editorial Links

Organic editorial links - wild links and how to attract them

Contribution by Eva Lewis, professional blogger.  It’s the holy grail of link building – attracting wild links!  Organic, editorial links created by people truly interested in, and impressed by your content.  It’s the ‘TRUE’ factor that will increase your chances of having influencers link to your content – Timeliness, Relevance, Usefulness and Engaging. Add these …
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April 21st 2015 Update – Google & Facebook Algorithm Chaos

Google and Facebook update algorithms on the same day - April 21st 2015

April 21st 2015 was a rough day for digital marketers. Google’s much hyped and long awaited “Mobilegeddon” update started rolling out and Facebook chose the date to start rolling out part two of its rather unpopular Newsfeed update. Here’s a recap of what each will mean for small business and what you need to know …
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Google My Business 101 – 4017 Round Table Presentation

Google My Business for small business owners in Brisbane

I am presenting to a group of local business owners on Google My Business 101 – thought I’d also share here! The presentation will be informal and friendly and very much a way to gain a few new skills while meeting locals. The presentation is designed to help local businesses wrap their heads around search …
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Local Marketing Checklist – Outsource Marketing and Thrive

Outsource Marketing Checklist

What do Tradesmen, shops, Dentists and Restaurants have in common? They need marketing but don’t necessarily have the skills or time to market their business. So, your admin girl/waitress/ wife is handling your marketing but your business isn’t growing? It’s time to outsource marketing to a professional. Outsourcing your marketing activities is an investment, one …
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The Definitive Checklist for Choosing a Digital Agency Partner

Digital Partner Agencies

What to look for in a digital agency partner (illustrated with naff stock photos!) If you’re a traditional media or marketing agency looking to partner with a digital provider, you may lack the digital knowledge to evaluate their effectiveness. It’s a digital jungle out there and there and there are a lot of snakes! Choosing a …
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5 Web Design Fails for On Page Optimisation

On page Optimisation Fails for Web Design

So you do terrific web design. Your websites are beautiful and immersive and exciting – they grab your clients by the eye balls and delight them. But what about Search Engines? Do you suffer from “designer disease”? Web design for on page optimisation is about cleverly and creatively making room for all those on-page SEO …
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Content Marketing Strategy 101 for Web Designers

Small Business Tactics - Productive Procrastination

For web designers, it might be tempting to “chuck in” a content marketing strategy and a handful of Social Media Optimisation tools to increase your average sale.  It’s smart. It’s what your clients want and it cures their epic pain point: Online Marketing is So Confusing! Content marketing is something that your clients are actively …
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3 Minutes to Better Search Traffic

Talk About Creative Brisbane Quick Answers

Small Business Problems:  I have no time.  I need more search traffic. This article will take you less than a minute to read and give you all the info you need to bump your search traffic.  SEO for small business is made up of thousands of possible tasks that can take forever to complete – …
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Website Keywords – One Minute Read

Talk About Creative Brisbane Quick Answers

What are my website keywords? Your website keywords are the search engine results you’d like your site to appear in. For example, if you sell hamsters in Hyde Park, you’d probably like your site to appear when someone Googles “pet stores Hyde Park”, “hamster breeders Sydney” and “buy hamsters online”. These would be your keywords. …
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