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SEO Outsourcing – Navigating the Minefield

SEO and social media consultants

SEO Outsourcing – Navigating the Minefield Marketing’s moved with the times. The reality is you won’t survive in business if you’re invisible online. Search engine optimisation’s (SEO) the key to targeting potential customers and converting their visits, clicks and likes into actual sales. Too busy, stressed or lacking in confidence to DIY? SEO outsourcing promises …
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SEO Best Practice – Update Old Content For New Traffic

Updating old content to make it evergreen - SEO best practices - turning your old content into a classic car for traffic

SEO Best Practice: Updating Old Content For New Traffic Got a blog or a business website? Well then, you’ve no doubt accumulated plenty of web content over the years. It’s about time you did something about your old content, and work with SEO best practice to help increase your website page rankings.  Update old content to …
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Follow vs nofollow links: what’s all the fuss about?

follow no follow

Follow vs nofollow links: what’s all the fuss about? “nofollow” is a web code attribute that has sparked a fair bit of interest of late. You’re wondering if it applies to you. If you’ve got any sort of publication on the internet, a blog or website, then you must to get familiar with a ‘follow’ …
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Small Business SEO – Should I Use a .com or For My Business

small business seo

Small Business SEO – Should I Use a .com or For My Business? Choosing a domain name for your small business is a hard decision. Not only does the name need to reflect your product or service but it also needs to tick the boxes from a search engine optimization (SEO) perspective. This unique …
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How to tell if your SEO is a Fraud


  Warning: Rant Ahead I’m sorry, I hate to rant.  I try to avoid it where I can  but I feel I must say something.  Right now “Recent” SEO providers are emerging from every dark corner of “failure town” to hock their wares on unsuspecting small biz owners.  So, I wrote a rant.   Is …
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How will the Core Algorithm Update Affect Small Business SEO?

Hard Core - Google Core Algorithm Update is Rolling Out Now

Editor’s Notes – Note that these are observations regarding the new Google Core Algorithm Update.  This algorithm is changing now, subscribe to our newsletter to stay on top of future changes.   Updated 9.2.16 The Google Core Algorithm Update has now been in affect for a little while and there’s some new insights from various SEO …
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SEO 2016 – Predictions By Top Aussie SEOs

SEO 2016 compared to 2015

 What’s the next step in SEO and online marketing?  Australian digital marketing companies are rolling out predictions now for SEO in 2016.  While the world has lots of opinions on this, we find that getting good Australian SEO advice is a bit tough.  While Dejan and Reload offer good SEO information for Australian audiences, there’s not always …
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Yoast is a Muffin Tin – Will Your SEO Recipe Flop?

YOast SEO - SEO recipes

Your SEO recipe is about more than the baking tray! Yoast. It’s the go to SEO tool for bloggers and small businesses using WordPress. One little green light and you’re good to go with SEO right? Yes, Yoast is a nifty tool for organising and shaping your content into a format that search engines can …
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What is Google RankBrain? Artificial Intelligence in SERPs

RankBrain, Google’s artificial search intelligence program is now sampling and responding to millions of queries daily.  So what is it?  RankBrain is the newest tool Google has in determining search result orders.  Instead of a Google Engineering hand crafting code aimed at understanding a search query and then answering it, RankBrain is software that gathers …
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Breadcrumbs for SEO – One Minute Reads

Talk About Creative Brisbane Quick Answers

Breadcrumbs are a navigational tool used on websites to help site visitors to know where they are. They’re used mostly on large blogs or ecommerce sites where the user is going to “click deeply” to find the exact item they’re after. So, how useful are breadcrumbs for SEO? Breadcrumbs are not just for navigation Breadcrumb …
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