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There’s no Thought Leadership without a Thinking Audience

Thought Leader - thought leadership in a marketing that doesn't think

Thought leadership. It’s one of those buzzwords that bothers me a little. If you’re aspiring to “thought leader” status then you’re probably looking for ways to grow your online reputation and gain social PR and earned media exposure. You’ve built yourself a network, probably in a Facebook group or a LinkedIn group depending on your …
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The Business Owners Guide to Public Relations – Inbound Marketing Style!

Inbound Marketing Public Relations

Public Relations – Inbound Marketing Style! Inbound marketing, the act of getting customers to come to you, goes hand in hand with traditional public relations activity. It’s an umbrella term for content marketing activies such as social media, blog writing the like, as well as SEO savvy strategies for attracting search traffic*. The problem with traditional …
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Five Quick, Compelling Reasons to Outsource Content Marketing

Aint nobody got time - outsource content marketing

Here’s how it goes – you build the most incredibly beautiful, functional website and bam, the client fills it with TERRIBLE content. Your clients don’t really understand the valuable role of content and assume “anyone can do it” – so their content is just plain bad. You’d love to provide content creation services but jeez, …
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Digital Providers – How You’re Killing Your Business!

Digital Providers messing it up

You’re the web designer who gets asked to do social media. Your copywriting clients are asking you to fix their eCommerce bugs. You have social clients who are delighted to hear that you can also do web copy… as a digital provider are you confusing your clients? The issue with the digital marketing industry is …
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The Definitive Checklist for Choosing a Digital Agency Partner

Digital Partner Agencies

What to look for in a digital agency partner (illustrated with naff stock photos!) If you’re a traditional media or marketing agency looking to partner with a digital provider, you may lack the digital knowledge to evaluate their effectiveness. It’s a digital jungle out there and there and there are a lot of snakes! Choosing a …
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5 Web Design Fails for On Page Optimisation

On page Optimisation Fails for Web Design

So you do terrific web design. Your websites are beautiful and immersive and exciting – they grab your clients by the eye balls and delight them. But what about Search Engines? Do you suffer from “designer disease”? Web design for on page optimisation is about cleverly and creatively making room for all those on-page SEO …
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Content Marketing Strategy 101 for Web Designers

Small Business Tactics - Productive Procrastination

For web designers, it might be tempting to “chuck in” a content marketing strategy and a handful of Social Media Optimisation tools to increase your average sale.  It’s smart. It’s what your clients want and it cures their epic pain point: Online Marketing is So Confusing! Content marketing is something that your clients are actively …
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Social Media Management – Avoid this Mistake at all Costs…

Social media fairytales

…and why Goldilocks is one smart chick! Small business social media management is turning a dangerous corner. The industry has become flooded with new businesses claiming to offer professional social media services – but in fact, are offering their own (now failing) social strategy. It seems everyone these days is a social media manager.  Got …
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Create a Chrome App in just 20 minutes & for $5

how to create a Chrome App in 20 minutes - step by step instructions

Creating a Chrome App for your business is quite literally as easy as pie. The recipe is simple and you don’t need mad chef skills to do it just right, in fact, like puff pastry fresh from the freezer, you can pick up the hard stuff and then just work your magic. So what’s the …
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4 Quick but Good Reasons to Outsource Content Marketing

Outsource Content Marketing Brisbane

Content Marketing is the New SEO – Don’t Muck It Up! There are lots of good reasons to outsource your content marketing, but more importantly there are VERY good reasons to outsource it well. Content Marketing takes the place of some of your core SEO activities. It stands to reason that Google will start penalising …
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