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Australian SEO

Australian SEO

Australian SEO – What You Need to Know Australian SEO, like most things here in Australia is impacted by our vast space and relatively small population. Most of the top SEO companies are based in the United States so statistics, reports and white papers on SEO usually refer to American stats. So what does that …
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Content Marketing Ideas – White Papers and eBooks

ebooks and White papers for content marketing purposes

What are white papers and ebooks? White papers and eBooks are co-written with you to help you demonstrate your expertise in your given field. A white paper is a document that deeply explores an issue or practice in your industry. An eBook is a broader guide, often with practical instructions and pictorial illustrations. This content …
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What kind of Facebook ads get the best results?

Talk About Creative Brisbane Quick Answers

HOLYMOLY Facebook ads are becoming a rip off! First, sponsoring posts is the most expensive way of doing things. Those little impulse buys you’ve been making to spread your word further afield – those are expensive clicks. So too are general ads you set up in the Advertising section that don’t target anyone in particular. …
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Online Marketing Insights

Insights for Online Marketing 2014

There’s a whole lot of reflection going on right now. Facebook is filled to the gills with inspirational messages, trips down memory lane and pictures of “the year that was” (mostly featuring Grumpy Cat). In addition to my Earth shatteringly profound ideas (*cough*) from July I have gathered a few new (well new to me) …
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Forget Traffic – Increase Conversions!

Conversion Optimisation 101 - Increase your website conversion rate

How Do I Increase Conversions on My Website? I just said to my husband “let’s get pizza”. Usually he’d reply with all the reasons we should eat healthily at home. Instead he said “Ok”. Why am I telling you this? Besides the fact I don’t have to cook, so I have time to tell you….I …
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Online Marketing Dictionary

Online Marketing Dictionary to get you on the right path

The Definitive Online Marketing Dictionary Welcome to the online marketing dictionary for small business marketers.  Struggling to navigate the terminology and lingo? Bookmark this page so you can always be in the know.  Is our digital glossary missing something?  Let us know!  We’re always updating! Absolute Links A link to a specific item on your website (including …
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10 Ways Our Content Writing Services Will Change Your Life

Content Marketing Writers

Question: How can Content Change My Life? Answer: It can fix ten of your most annoying problems! Our content writing services Solve everything! Maybe not hunger or war or anything profound but our content writers can help fix 10 of your current problems. Here’s how!  1. Your website is new and not ranking  Google gives new …
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Google Plus For Beginners

Facebook Google Plus Decoder Ring

 Google Plus For Beginners (just like Facebook only Quiet!) Google Plus is kind of like Facebook and kind of not.   Setting it up is very similar to Facebook in that you have a personal profile and then you create a business page.  A plus 1 is essentially a like and the little arrow is a …
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Keyword Strategy: What small businesses should know

Content creation ideas

 Keyword Strategy: What small, local and niche businesses need to know about SEO. Talk About Creative gets a lot of work from our keyword strategy.  Like, mind boggling.  We have so many customers that I sometimes need a lie down just to comprehend how much work there is to do!  We get work from three …
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