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Bad breath, bum puns and magic potions: being a fun content writer

Bad breath, bum puns and magic potions: being a fun content writer I love being a fun content writer. Imagine being paid to write about bum puns, bad breath and magical potions? Some days it’s kind of like Mr Hankey and Harry Potter get together and sit at my computer drinking coffee. Sounds like a …
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Six Million in Grants for Queensland Small Business

Small Business Grants

The State Government has announced $6 million in grants for Queensland small business to increase their digital presence.  The money will be used to help business to get educated on digital marketing and make their mark in search results and on social media.  A whopping 55% of Queensland small businesses are not yet online and many that …
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Get More Comments on Facebook

Get more comments on facebook

Get More Comments on Facebook Start up struggling with FB? Click here. With Facebook Edgerank Algorithm updates turning busy pages into ghost towns, eliciting comments is just about the only way to grow your FB  reach.  Talk About Creative is here to share our top tips to help you get more comments on Facebook! First, …
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We Challenged Our Content Writers To A Concept Duel

wordsmith warriers

A Duel – To The Depth! What do you do when you have a team of incredible content writers?  You stage creative blood sport!  A duel to the depth.  A war with words.  A verbal game of thrones.  We challenged our writers to come write us the first hundred or so words that came to mind …
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How to Navigate the Facebook Branded Content Minefield

Facebook branded content rules – holy mother of pearl – what a complicated mess they’ve made of sponsored posts.  If you’re a business or community owner nurturing your network via Facebook, the rules have changed… substantially. Facebook Branded Content is, in a nutshell “Content originating from page owner that features third party products, brands or sponsors …
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Black and White – Kikki K Giveaway

Black and White - Art of Writing

We spend everyday in a sea of creative people and decided to do a little exercise where we gave them a topic and told them to give us their creative best. The reason?  We wanted to see how different writers use their voice and their creativity to make something completely unique.  We did it with …
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Digital Marketing Podcast

Digital Marketing Podcast

I recently had the pleasure of chatting with Salena Knight about all things Digital Marketing and how it can benefit retail businesses. Salena podcasts about building the foundations of a successful retail business in her ongoing series Bringing Business to Retail. She shares her wealth of knowledge with her listeners and this week I joined in to give …
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Win Some Awesome Kikki-K Stuff!

Win Kikki-K Stuff!

A while back we had our team write about a “random” topic and told them to let their imaginations run wild.  It was awesome.  So, we decided to open it up to all Aussie writers and bloggers.  You have to be Australian and over 18 to enter.  Flick on your creative brain and tell us …
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Follow vs nofollow links: what’s all the fuss about?

follow no follow

Follow vs nofollow links: what’s all the fuss about? “nofollow” is a web code attribute that has sparked a fair bit of interest of late. You’re wondering if it applies to you. If you’ve got any sort of publication on the internet, a blog or website, then you must to get familiar with a ‘follow’ …
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Escape meta-data hell. Here’s how to get Facebook to show the right images.

facebook debugger

Escape meta-data hell. Here’s how to use the Facebook debugger to show the right images. Have you experienced the frustration of sharing your article on your Facebook page only to have it pick up an unrelated logo from your sidebar as the featured image? Perhaps you haven’t heard of the Facebook debugger. But firstly, why …
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